Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo Journal #7: Dreamy

I will now start giving titles of my journal depending on my first photo! Hehe :)
I try to pick my most favorite one and use it as the thumbnail. :D
If you noticed, I post my photo journal once a week.
Also, I do it alternately with my reviews and tutorials.
So my blog won't bore you with my personal stuff. Hehe.

I really like this dreamy effect on my photos :D
Looks relaxing ;p

I managed to take a photo of my Youtube channel with 1,001 subs. Yey! :D
"Hindi maka-get over!"

I added a soft pink polka dot scarf to by bag.
I bring this to my work and the scarf really gave it a statement.
This is not new. I have this for more than 2 years now.
I bought it from Sophie Martin. From a friend.

Weeeeee~! Leche flan made by my mom.
Best ever! No, I didn't ate it all. I can't!
Sweets aren't my favorite. But I love them.
I really like salty foods. Hehe. :D
Like chips and stuff while watching tv and movies.

I started reading manga again!
I was going to post my drawing here. But it isn't finished yet.
I wanted to show it to you when it's already colored. :D
I'm reading Fairy Tail and starting to get addicted to it. XD

Last photo for today...
this is what I see whenever I open my eyes first thing in the morning!
White and pink! LOVE~! :D

Until next post lovelies!
I'll try to make magazine scans again soon! :D


  1. *-* i love this post!
    you are so sweet!
    mmm delicious flan!
    kiss and hug

  2. Wow! There is so much fun stuff going on~ : D

  3. That flan looks delicious!

  4. cute photos :D omg ur reading manga O_O
    ~aiMee/aMz, <3

    1. yes! i do read and love manga! any suggestion? romance please. hehehe :D

    2. best love story ever! kiminitodoke, then u might like Zettai Kareshi manga it made me cry at the end :P what else if romance hmm oh yes Paradise Kiss, and the others that i know are kinda funny like Skip Beat but its too long. i dont read manga all the time but sometimes i do ;) im more into the anime series <3

    3. OMG, I also love Absolute boyfriend! I already read the manga and even watched it 3x :D Haven't heard of kiminitodoke but that will be next after I finish reading fairy tail! I don't have enough time to watch anime so mangas are best when I get bored in the office :) thank you for the suggestions! :D

  5. I love the moldings along your ceiling! That is a very pretty sigh to see when you wake up! I sleep on a bunk bed with my sister so the first thing I see is wood underneath the top bunk hahaha I'm afraid I'll get addicted to manga so I try not to read the main stream ones ><

    Congrats on 1000+ subbies!

    1. thank you dear. I'm really getting addicted to manga again. And I can't stop it especially this point of time. LOL. :)) I need to finish fairy tail soon! :)

  6. you're sooooo pretty and cute :D laaaav your blogs! We should definitely work together if we get a chance! :D

  7. leche flan is one of my favorite sweets :) yum yum..
    i'm a new follower :)

    by the way, please check out my blog too and if you don't mind please follow my blog via google connect.. thank you so much :) oopss, im your new follower :)


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