Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yes! I have my bangs back! :D
Woohoo! I feel more confident with it. Mainly because of my wide forehead. *well, not so*
But I love how it adds cuteness to my straight boring hair. Hehe. 
I did cut my own hair. It's not that hard. But a bit scary.
Big thanks to youtube gurus! :D

My newest favorite desert! Mango gelatin made by Ate Kelly! :D
I almost finished it all. But I need to give some to boyfie. Haha!

I filmed and upload my gift to my subscribers.
My Nail Polish Collection video.
Thank you all for helping me reach 1,000 subscribers!
You're the best! :D

Sorry for being too excited for this post.
But the past few weeks of my life was the best!
I bought this study table from the mall with 4 drawers.
This photo was taken when my dad was assembling it. 
I have a very small room. So I need to be organized to maximize the space.
I try to buy furnitures with lots of drawers to keep stuff neatly.
I bought it for P2,099.00 only!
I'll try to post another insta photo after I finish cleaning my room again. Hehe :)

Mom loves to cook. And most of it were sea foods. Too bad I'm allergic to it.
But I'm too hard headed, so I ate 3pcs of these.
(3 pcs only but it caused me a lot of small bumps on my face!)
My doctor told me that it's okay to eat stuff you're allergic to.
"Pa konti-konti lang."
It will help your body to adjust to it until your reach the point that your body accepts it without getting negative reactions. :)
I'm soo glad I've heard it from her. I can eat anything I want now! Hoho!

Familiar with this tissue holder? Not?
Well, here's the link to help you remember it
You'll know I'm addicted with crafts, arts and stuff. Especially cute ones!
So I ended up decoden-ing my tissue holder. With beads and some cabochons I also made myself.
Yeeehaaa! Now it matches my room! :D
I don't need to buy a pink one! ;p


  1. Very nice hair cut!! I 'learner' how to cut my bangs on youtube too and have been doing it ever since!! Love your tissue cupcake!!

    1. hihi, i was too scared at first. but it turned out okay :)

  2. I think you look very good in bangs! Don't tempt me into cutting mine >.< haha

  3. Wow! The tissue holder is so cute~ Haha! You look cute with bangs!

  4. Your hair looks very pretty :)

  5. I used to cut my own hair, as in hindi lang bangs, back in college din kasi hindi nagegets ng stylist yung gusto kong buhok... It was scary but I love experimenting kasi. Hahaha! I even cut a classmate's bangs one time pa nga eh. :P

    1. wow! super talented mo sis! pagupit nga ng sakin. hehehe :D ang cool ng new hair stye mo!!!

  6. Wow! You're very pretty! I love your bangs. I share the same case with you, I put bangs to cover my quite wide forehead. But it adds cuteness right? :D

    I love your tissue holder! As in. Where did you buy that? May I know how did you decorate it? It's really nice! I'm looking forward for your study table in your room. I have small room too, and drawers are the saviors! :P

    Btw, I'm a new follower :)

    1. Hi! thank you so much for your comment. I bought it from clipper. i indicated the link in this post so you can see how it really looks like. i will try to make a decoden tutorial for cases and other stuff soon. :)

  7. Just saw it! It's cuter now with the decoration stuff :) Will look forward for your tutorials for your crafts! Art is love <3

  8. Your hair looks great!! :)
    Congrats on 1k subbies!

  9. Cute bangs. I am currently trying to grow out my bangs. They are at the awkward stage right now. mmhmm mango gelatin? First time hearing about that. :)

  10. Love the bangs~ looks fresh & sweet<3


  11. Mouth-watering foods. 8D

    Please check my blog and I'm having my first giveaway. Thank you.

  12. omg you look soo pretty in the first picture!! <3
    I've fallen in love with your blo^^ I'll follow you now

  13. The tissue holder is so pretty. :) You can practically transform anything boring to something cute. :)

    I hope you can drop by my blog. :)

  14. OMG super cute lenses! And we do both have full bangs pala! :)

    Anyway, please check out my tutorial on leopard gradient nails if your interested. Thanks! Here it is! :)

    -- :)

    1. thank you dear :* checking your blog din :)

    2. What's your primary material in doing decorated stuffs?
      And the dessert looks delicious and refreshing!

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