Saturday, March 31, 2012

When I get bored + Giveaway winners

First I want to talk about a game that I've been playing on my droid. Yep, I'm using an android phone. Iphone's too expensive for me. But I'm thinking of buying one in the future. Not sure yet. I used to have the third generation ipod touch but I got bored and bought HTC Desire HD last January 2011. It's quite expensive when it was released, but not too expensive like iPhone. :D I think this was the longest time I kept a mobile phone with the same model. I usually change my phone twice a year. No, I'm not rich or luxurious. I buy gadgets with my own money from work. I don't ask my parents to buy it for me. Plus, it serves as an inspiration for me to work hard. hehehe :)

Oh well, the game is called Draw Something. I've been playing this games since I was in college. It was originally from and I was surprised when they released it on iphone and android phones. It's a bit different from the original game but it is still fun especially if your playing with someone you know like Facebook friends. :) So, if you'e using a droid or iphone, please download draw something. It's FREE and let's play. Add me, my username is misskatv.

Also, I am now officially addicted to another game called Small street. It was too cute. :D I also watch tons of youtube videos about makeup and craft when I get bored. LOL.

Now let's talk about the winners of my last giveaway. :) I'm really sorry for not posting it sooner. Anyway, here are the results... Tan-ta-na-nan!

I sent you an email. I will be choosing another winner if the two girls won't send me an email within 48 hours. :)

So what do you usually do when you get bored?


  1. I have a few games I play when I get bored too haha and yes, an Iphone is pricey but I plan to get one too, but because everyone has it, sometimes I just want another kind of smartphone :P

  2. Congratulations to the winners :D
    I usually sleep when I'm bored hehehehe

  3. Congrats to the winners!
    I also plan to get an Iphone in the future, even though it is expensive.

  4. i wish i had new phone..btw congratulation to the winner.≧◡≦

  5. Congrats to all winners, great give away!

  6. I am Lala in draw something!!! :DDDDDD

  7. When I got bored I usually sing my favorite j-pop group songs while playing my favorite SIMS 3 :) and if I got bored playing my sims 3 I will watch some korean or japanese romance comedy :)

  8. that 'Draw Something" is really a hit! haha.. :) anyway, thanks Miss Kat.. :D

  9. Omg I play that when it was on too~!! >oo<

  10. i am so fond of draw something too! :) let's play some time.

    The Pink Margarita

  11. i have actually just discovered draw something lol! its so much fun, i understand the addiction factor hahaha im always trying to draw the 3 pointers hehe

    oh and temple run, gotta love that. i got the new iphone and it literally crippled me financially! i got a great deal cos i bought the 64gb model for the price of the 16gb model so i had to get it. hehe


    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. well that's really a great deal. :D I also have temple run on my droid :D

  12. i'm currently addicted to Draw Something too!!! username not found ka, i tried to add you :( Mine's hazelsalcedo! let's play!

  13. Everyone I know is addicted to Small Street! haha! It is the cutest ever!!!

    Kisses! xxx

  14. I was obsessed over Draw Something until I found Nano Kingdom & if you have a good arm or want to burn some fat off of it, I suggest Toilet Paper Race. It's a bit childish but, extremely competitive!
    Also, I'm really enjoying your blog~ Following<3


  15. Beautiful blog with so many inspiring ideas! Great work:) Would you like to follow each other?


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