Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Makeup Storage Boxes + 1st Blogversary Giveaway Winners

Hi everyone! I wanna share you some of the things I got from Papemelroti. I mostly buy my paper stuff from them and storage boxes are one of my faves! You should check it out. They're selling different sizes for the boxes and other paper goods which are all environment friendly coz it's made from recycled materials. :) Matching my blog theme ehh? :D Now you have an idea how my room looks like. :)

What does PAPEMELROTI means?
It is actually the combination of the first syllables of five names - Patsy, Peggy, Meldy,Robert, and Tina.   They are the children of Benny and Corit Alejandro, who started thepapemelroti business. Papemelroti is a specialty shop which carries a wide variety of gifts and decorative accessories. Papemelroti’s history began in November, 1968, when Benny and Corit opened a small gift shop along Tomas Morato Ave. (Manila, Philippines).  Korben Gifts, as it was called, started out as a hobby, with Corit making stuffed toys and doll’s dresses and Benny supervising the furniture making. ~http://papemelroti.com/

I bought this box to keep my back ups like makeup and lenses that I haven't opened yet. I'll be purchasing another one for my keepsakes like my boyfies greeting cards, loveletters, etc. :D

I also bought this 3 layered mini drawer from Papemelroti and I use it as my lipstick storage and other accessories. I think it's around P100.00 approx $2 each.

Here's the replacement for my long lash mascara that I bought from HBC last time.

I also wanted to try out their eyebrow pencil which is P50.00 only (it's on sale!) #02

I was searching this glass nail file for so long and so happy that I found this on Marionnaud stand. It's a glass nail file so I didn't need to buy nail files again and again. :) I also purchased this thin tweezers that I'll be using for eyelash application. :)

Finally, I bought a backup for my all time favorite Sansan concealer. I really need to make a review about this. This is so freakin' good for blemishes! But never use it under your eye. It creases like hell! Especially if you have eyebags. :/

If you're interested, you can check out Papemelroti's site at http://papemelroti.com/
and HBC's site at http://hbc.com.ph :)

On to my 1st Blogversary Giveaway Winners!

Pair of Dolly eye lenses from UNIQSO.COM
LULU - redalep**@yahoo.com

Pair of hairpads from AJHAIRPAD.COM

3 Random items from

CONGRATULATIONS DOLLS! We'll be sending you an email and if you didn't reply within 48 hours, we'll choose another winner.

Be sure to check my blog every now and then coz I'll be posting the part 2 of my blog giveaway really soon! :) That's all for today dolls! See you on my next post. :)


  1. Thanks..I'm waiting for the email (",)

  2. Hi Kat, sorry for contacting you here, but I didn't received your mail >.<~~~~ it's kim_hye_rin@yahoo.co.kr though. if u don't mind pls resend the mail bcuz i'm checking my mail everyday :D thanks~~~ and happy new year ^^

  3. omg, i love stuff from papemelroti! :D

  4. congrats to the winners ! when i go to the philippines, i always grab some san-san products. they're really good :)


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