Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[Week 7] Nail polish Set Giveaway [CLOSED]

Hi dolls, I really wanted to publish this post tonight even if I'm super tired and all.
So I'll make this post really quick.
I've been sick for more than 5 days but I feel a little bit okay now
and I'm really trying my best to update you guys about the giveaway. 
I'll be posting the winners for my week6 giveaway on my next post.
I'm not finished reading your awesome answers. :)
And oh, thank you for those who tweeted me. You really made my day. :>

Anyway here's what we're giving for the week.

Tips and toes transformed with colours. A week of pampered nails is coming your way.

Do you know that in ancient Egypt, women used nail colour to signify social order with shades of red at the top? Queen Nefertiti, the wife of King Akhenaton, coloured her fingernails and toenails ruby red; Cleopatra favored crimson. Women of lower rank who coloured their nails were permitted only pale colours. (Wikipedia)

Want a perfect mani-pedi experience? Here are 5 tips from HBC:
1.    Remove traces of old polish with a nail polish remover.
2.    Soak nails in warm, soapy water then add a few drops of essential oil like lavender or peppermint.
3.    Clip tips straight across and gently push cuticles back (resist the urge to trim them). Use a sharp nipper to cut hang nails, and lightly lift away dirt under the nail bed using an orange stick.
4.    File nails to leave edges smooth after clipping. Apply lotion and spray nail surfaces with rubbing alcohol to disinfect and prep them for polish. Wipe dry.
5.    Apply your choice of lacquer starting from the base of the nail brushing outwards. Use a cotton swab or a cotton-covered stick dipped in nail polish remover to remove excess polish on the sides. Finish with a coat of clear polish.

Women of today are so lucky to experiment with whatever nail colour they want, so give your nails the love they deserve with subtle to vibrant hues enriched with Vitamins C and E like San San nail polishes. Take 5 of these for yourself when you answer this week’s question:

What’s your secret to fab-looking nails?
Happy Beautiful Christmas!

  • Open to anyone with Philippine address. For international readers you can join here: http://www.misskatv.com/2011/12/misskatvs-1st-anniversary-giveaway-part.html
  • We'll be choosing 2 winners every week. 
  • 1st winner will be chosen randomly.
  • 2nd winner for the best answer.
  • Prizes may be claimed at the nearest HBC store.
  • Must follow all the required entries and fill up the form below.
  • Ends December 25, 2011
  • You just need to follow the rules while filling up the form.
    • GFC name
    • LIKE myHBC on Facebook
    • Answer to the weekly question.
  • Also, you can get 2 extra entries by tweeting or sharing the giveaway once per day. So don't forget to visit this post whenever you have time. :)
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  1. I'm obsessed with nail polish but I had no idea about that ancient Egyptian nail polish thing. That's actually quite interesting.

  2. the text box for my gfc doesn't appear. Mine is dark_oracle21. My name is Thea Plete :)

  3. blogged- http://hotieshockz.blogspot.com/2011/12/week-7-by-misskat.html

    gfc- charmaigne grace

    there's no "extra text box"

  4. Almira de Villa

    GFC name: Number Two Lover
    FB name: Ansherina Santos
    Twitter name: numbertwohere
    Youtube ID: TheAnsherina2
    Blog URL: http://numbertwohere.blogspot.com

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    Blog post: http://numbertwohere.blogspot.com/2011/12/christmas-is-here.html

    (in case the form messed up)
    Answer to question: I guess is that I should be relaxed. You know, hindi nagmamadali and all para I have time and patience to do my own nails :)
    Nail art or make-up: Definitely nail art. I never liked make-up because I hate "lies" and would prefer "ugly truth" :)

  5. The text box for the GFC my name is 11ghieszelle07

    my YT name is: 11ghieszelle07

    Blog side bar: http://11ghieszelle07.blogspot.com/

  6. amazing giveaway baby!! cool blog!! take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other? (also on facebook!)
    http://keepintouchwithfashion.blogspot.com/ have a wonderful day… keep in touch

  7. Nice Blog, hope you follow mine too (:


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