Monday, December 5, 2011

[Week 4] Giveaway WINNER

Hi everyone, I'm sorry for the late post. I didn't got the chance to post this yesterday coz I'm out with my mom and dad to buy some early Christmas gifts.  I woke up around 6am earlier and try to do my makeup for 10mins! :/ Then I attended a seminar for our preschool here in Pasig from 8am to 5pm. All schools in Pasig are required to make a site based from wordpress so when I arrived home I started constructing the site again. Here's the output of what I did for now... I still need to add some tweaks so it won't look boring and all. I'm so freakin' tired and just remembered to post this tonight together with my Week 5 giveaway. I won't be making this post too long coz I need to attend our day 2 of our seminar tomorrow and I need some sleep!

Anyway, here are the winners for my week4 giveaway.
and the best answer for this week's question:
Who makes you blush?
Who makes me blush? Well he's the coolest man I've ever met,
who never fails to make me smile even when the day seems to be too far from
being any good. My loving boyfriend and best friend for three years,
has always been the one person that made me blush every single day.
He doesn't have to tell me cheesy lines or do anything much to make me blush.
Most of the time it's when I catch him glancing at me in the middle of a busy day
or when he just holds my hand without any words spoken, and it's all perfect. :)

From: Joana Somejo
Simply because I can relate. :)
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Thank you all for joining.
Please check out week 5.
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