Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snowman Nails Tutorial + Carmen Claire Cosmetics SALE

Hello everyone!!!
How's everyone doing? :)
Done wrapping your gifts for me? LOL. NO! ;))
I'm soooo excited for Christmas!
OMG! :> I even bought presents for my family and friends last November. Haha.
Well, I love shopping. It's fun you know. Especially when your doing shopping for other people.
*it's very challenging for me* hihihi :>

Here's a little present for everyone :)

I hope you enjoyed watching my Let it Snow Nail art tutorial :>
If you tried making this design or any other designs that I have made please post it in my facebook page.
I would love to see your work! :)

Also, I wanted to share to you this brand that I reviewed last July 2012.
It was formerly known as In Your Face Cosmetics
but now it was revamped and turned into Carmen Claire Cosmetics.
They have ton of new products including all natural skin care from Italy,
pre-glued false eyelashes and BB Cream from Korea,
professional quality makeup from California, and more!
And the Duo Fiber Kabuki is still on sale of course. 

Right now they are having a Christmas rush sale,
with 25% off everything when you use discount code
CCXMAS at checkout.
Sale ends December 25, 2011.

Here's a photo of the items :)

Everything looks so elegant.
The packaging reminds me of Nyx and Coastal Scents and even MAC. :)
Visit the shop if you have time :>

If you have any questions,
please let me know in the comment box. :)


  1. wow what a beautiful blog! I love painting my nails too :)


  2. That's a really cute design! Thanks for the tutorial ^_^

  3. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  4. wow nice post and thanz for the video..will try soon..

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, it's really cute! :3

  6. Those nails are so cute!! Love the polka dot nails as well. Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. The nails are super cute ! :D

  8. OMG! totally love those nails!

    super cute for the holidays!

    lindsey |


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