Monday, November 14, 2011

[Week 1] Giveaway WINNER

Hi dolls!
I was adding the form method entries to my new raffle system from
and was still trying to figure out how to manage the entries.
Luckily it turned well. I already managed to pick the winners coz rafflecopter was also powered by Yay! :D

Anyway, here's the result for our HBC Week 1 giveaway!
The winner that was chosen randomly is...


and the best answer for the week 1 question:
"What great looking hair is for you?
And what is your most unforgettable hair nightmare and what you did to turn it around?"

Great-looking hair for me is the one with soft, silky and manageable hair and not the frizzy one.
The most unfoegettable hair nightmare i experienced was when we attended a party and it happened
our car was in the shop for repair. So we need to commute and turned my hair to super buhag-buhag &
i can't manage to fix my hair while we're still in the jeepney because i'm carrying my super makulit baby
boy. So when we arrived to the place, a friend told me "mahangin ba sa labas?". 
I was really embarass but instead i went to the comfort room & luckily i always have HP in my bag
and fix my hair. =)

~ answered by MS. LEIZLE DEMAISIP

Congratulations to the winners! :)
HBC will be sending you an email and if you didn't respond within 48 hours
we'll be choosing another winner.

Thank you for those who joined our WEEK 1 giveaway.
Don't worry, there still 7 more giveaways for the upcoming posts!
Be sure to check my blog for giveaways from time to time :D


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