Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make Up Essentials Thick Lashes Review

Hi dolls!
How's your day?
I'm still on the process of practising my skill with my Bamboo pen and touch.
I'm into transforming real photos to anime-ish look. :)
I really do hope I did justice on every photo that I make. hehe.
I'll post some of my works soon on this blog so you'll be able to see if I improved or not. :D
I would also love to hear what you think about it :)

Anyway, I got two boxes of lashes last month and was requested to do a review on it.
As you can see on the photo, I'm wearing them on and its very natural looking.

So here's how it looks like when I got it from the mail.
It was delivered through JRS Exspress Philippines.

I love how the box has a window thing-y
so I don't need to open the package to see how it looks like inside.

I'm going to review the thick lashes first coz its my favorite. :)
I'm going to post the other one (thin lashes) for my future entries.

Want your eyes to pop instantly? Look glamorous? Wear these lashes out for a night out and instantly look glamorous! They look very natural and they are easy to apply with your favorite lash glue.

Only P400 approx $9.3 for 10 pairs of natural looking lashes.

Comes in 3 sizes:

Thin (natural)

Thick (Dramatic)

Alternate (Glam)

You can purchase this here:

  • Perfect for those occasions when you want to create a bit of eye drama.
  • Perfect for night looks.
  • They are simply gorgeous.
  • These lashes last a long time.
  • I've been reusing and wearing mine for almost a month now.
  • If they're cleaned properly, they'll last a long time, whereas other brands you have to throw out after a few uses.
  • These lashes are not very thick and doesn't feel heavy on the lid. But, they look much better than other brands.
  • Affordable for P40.00 per pair approx $1.
  • The tips of the lashes are so thin that it looks so natural unlike the other brands.

  • Kind of hard to flex so you need to bend it for a while before using them.

4 out of 5

I recommend this to anyone who loves wearing false lashes like me! :)
It is very affordable and re-usable!
It has a transparent bands so it really does look natural.
It's like you got an eyelash extension not falsies :)
I'll definitely buy another set of these lashes after my first set :D


  1. I love the contact lenses and false lashes. :-)

  2. It looks nice, almost like the natural-looking option for eyelash extensions.

  3. love the review! :) I especially love the first picture you look so pretty! :)

  4. what lash glue do you recommend?

    I have the same prob with some of my false lashes.. I need to flex them first..

  5. Thanks for the review ^.^ I love lashes that are natural looking.. especially with clear bands.. kinda not loving the inflexibility of the band though (i need those super soft bendable ones .. otherwise PING, start all over again XD) Can't wait for your other lash review :)

  6. Thanks for the review. I might try it one of these days! :)

    Hope you can join my birthday giveaway.

  7. awesome review. that lashes look great on you. do they have similar quality to the KKCenter Lashes?

  8. I didn't need to pay for the extension service yay! :D

  9. I'm still in the process of trying different kinds of brands. 
    I also use the lash glue that comes with the lashes, hoping it will work too. :D
    Etude's lash glue work great :)
    But I'll let you know once I found the best :D

  10. Yeah, I love clear bands too. :) Flexibility is one of the most important thing I'm looking for a lash too :)

  11. great! don't forget to check their shop! :)

  12. This is more of a natural looking side sis. Haven't tried clear bands from kkcenterhk eh. So I can't compare it pa. Pero flexibility wise, kkcenterhk.

  13. Even though you said that the lashes are dramatic and good for night looks, I think they look really natural and can pass for everyday looks too XP

  14. Thanks! Mine just run out kasi. Tas I dont want to buy those small lash glue like nichido has.. 

  15. It looks really thin and natural! very affordable at 40php! A MUST-HAVE!

    thanks for sharing ms. Kat. following you now! :)

  16. really affordable for P40 right? I just wish they're selling it per pair :)

  17. Such a lovely post, I like these photos!
    Great sense of style!


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  18. So beautiful! 

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