Monday, November 7, 2011

How to apply fake nails

Hi dolls, this post was request by most of my Youtube subscribers.
As most of you know, I often have long nails
*coz I tend to bite them. I need to stop doing that. :/ any adivice?*
I always use fake nails and apply my nail art with my videos.
I know it's weird to apply nail design with pre-designed fake nails
*I'm using light blue fake nails with sand texture on it so it's really hard to apply polish*,
but it's the only kind that I have. :(

Btw, I got it from Phoebe's nail art on Facebook.
Honestly, these are nail tips for acrylic extension purposes, *I dunno how to call it.*
but I got the idea of cutting it off and shaping it as my natural nail size and use it as fake nails :D

As what stated on the title, you'll learn how to apply fake nails with this simple video.
Enjoy watching! :D


  1. I always bite my nails too. Haha. But i'm afraid if i put on fake nails that i'll look too made up (in school). Lol. I'm in college but yeah...don't wanna be too loud! Cute blog! New follower here! Congratulations too on winning Psychedelic Me's giveaway!

  2. Yay! Thank you posting this! It is helpful!

  3. Great post and I love the tutorial. I just used fake nails for the first time a few weeks ago so this will be very helpful when I wear them again.


  4. try those no biting nails drinks, polishes? i had the drink when i was little and i stopped biting my nails once my mum made me try.. it tasted horrible >.>

  5. very easy and simple tutorial! Love it!


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