Sunday, November 13, 2011

Glitter Polishes Haul

Hi dollies!!!!! :D
My haul posts are back!
*but I'm still broke. LOL*

So  bought 6 polishes that day.
4 glittered, 2 metallic and some random stuff.
Believe me, it's not planned and not on my list! ;p
My cousin and I bought some siomai (at Siomai House. Best siomai ever!)
and stumbled upon a Sari-sari store near it.
I got attracted with their nail polish rack.
Yes, it's unbranded. China made.
I think it's safe to use. As long as I'm using a good base coat before applying this. :D
But I love testing out cheap and glittery product. ;p

Here are the colors. :D
The pink and gold one is ssssoooooo pretty!
The green and red glittered one will be used for my up coming Christmas inspired nail art :D

And two metallic polishes :)
All for P15.00 approx $0.35 each
except for the green on which is P20.00 approx $0.47 each! :)

I am so happy with my purchase and will make sure to make
more tutorials and swatches for the future posts!

Thank you for reading this super short post!
I hope all is well.
Hugs to all of you :D


  1. Great haul! The polishes are really pretty~

  2. The Polishes are so pretty I want them too :D

  3. Enter my International Giveaway, The prize is so awsome and you really don't want to miss it .

  4. Nice haul. You got some very cute nail polishes. I would like to see the swatches of these nail polishes!

  5. So cute and cheap~!!!! omg I love it!! <3

  6. be sure to check it out! :)


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