Monday, November 28, 2011

Bobbie Charmed + 4 Giveaway WINNERS

Hi everyone!
Here's a photo of my nails wearing Bobbie polish in Charmed.
It has a silver-purplish undertone to it but I'm not sure if my photo's showing it.
This photo was taken with natural lighting so I think the purple tones were washed off. :(

You'll be able to see the real color of the polish on the following photos.
See, it's so pretty.
I also bought the 3 new shades from this collection.

The handle and brush is a little bit short for me.
It is toxin-free, 8ml and can be bought for P30+ each.

On to the winners!
The two winners for my K-CIRCLE LENS giveaway...


The prize will be (2) USD $20 VOUCHERS from
You may choose any item from their website! :)

Any color, any design, any prescription! :D

Next would be our Week 3 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas Giveaway!
The winner for the random pick would be...
and the best answer for the week would be..

My secret to kissable lips: 
1) I apply petroleum jelly or lip balm every night before bed
(2) I keep an extra toothbrush in hand and use it to lightly brush the surface of the lips every day to remove dead skin
(3) I always use a lip balm with SPF protection
(4) I avoid smoking
(5) I always drink water to keep my lips hydrated
(6) And the last trick is to smile bewitchingly! :)


You two will both receive 3 tubes of Sansan lippies! :)

Congratulations to the winners:
Cristina Gondos
Elaine Dela Peña
Mary Jay Javier
Elinor Semira

We will be sending you an email and if you didn't answer within 48 hours
we will be choosing another winner.


  1. Congrats to the winners! :)

  2. I've tried to buy but I can't manage to do it. Can anybody help me? Thanks

  3. Hi, Ms. Kat, I have not yet received an email from hbc. Thanks. :)


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