Monday, October 3, 2011

Winnings from KKcenterHK

 Yey! I got my package from KKcenterHK!
I won twice from their Lucky draw last September and I'm super happy with my prizes!
I was given a chance to choose any of their criss cross lashes for a total of $20.
As you can see, I got 4 boxes of criss cross lashes! :D
I haven't tried wearing criss cross one.
I usually buy natural ones coz the other lashes looks a little bit scary on the packaging.
But hey, I have lots of criss cross ones to try and play with.
I'm also thinking of giving away the 2 boxes.
I'm not sure, I'll let you all know very soon.
So here's what I got from the package.

They all look similar but in person,
you'll notice that they're individually different especially when it comes to the length.

Here's the other prizes that I got from the Lucky draw.
Yes, I feel very lucky! haha :))
I also got a budget of $20 for these.
2 clip on curly wigs!
This is so cute!
I don't need to curl my hair! I just use this and clip it on my like a pony tail!
It looks really natural and much silkier than my natural hair. LOL
I use the brown one. :D

What do you think about this photo?
Does my fake hair look weird?
Is it noticeable? hehe

Thank you for reading! :D
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  1. Congrats Kat! Lucky lucky lucky :)

  2. you are so lucky kat! congrats! :) i think the fake hair looks a bit glossy. try applying products that'll give shine to your hair so it'll blend well.

  3. OH OH! yes I'll be looking very much so towards that giveaway post ;) Beautiful lashes!

  4. OH OH! yes I'll be looking very much so towards that giveaway post ;) Beautiful lashes!

  5. you're such a lucky girl!!!

  6. congratulations!!!

  7. Uwaa, lucky girl! The lashes look so pretty~~

    Your extensions look shinier than your own hair, you could use babypowder to make them a bit more matte :) I did the same thing to my wig and now everyone thinks it's real XD

  8. Hi MissKatV,

    Those lashes are really beautiful. Will you be posting up pictures of how they look on?


  9. Omg, congrats on winning kkcenterhk's contest!! Love the lashes, they look similar but I can see differences ^^ Please do EOTD with them? Umm, it looks a bit fake - the attachment is MUCH shinier than your hair >.<" Maybe use some hair treatment to make your hair glossier and it should blend in well :)

  10. gurl may blog awards me for you :)

  11. congrats on winning the luckydraw event =D~ can;t wait to see the falsies review <3

  12. Woooow, congrats! Sooo many lashes, fabulous! ♥
    And you look so cute with this ponytail! Wanna have one as well! *__*

  13. You are so so lucky!!

    And you look gorgeous btw =]

  14. Gorgeous! Love your contacts! xxx

  15. Wow your hair piece looks so cute on you!

  16. Omg >.< i want all of those

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