Monday, October 10, 2011

PinkyParadise G&G GBT Soft Contact Lens in Brown Review

Hello everyone! :)
I've been MIA from twitter for the past 5 days *I think* and also on blogger.
Yes, I do tweet and reply in some messages but that's very minimal unlike what I do regularly.
I'm currently busy applying for a job as a Web Designer. ;p
Wish me luck! :D

Anyway, here's what I'm loving for the past 5 days.
My new lens from
Here's how it looks like up close :D

I also receive a free hair clip?
*I dunno how to call it, but most youtube gurus use this while they're doing their make up.*
I got 2 of that and I'm soooo happy when I got it!
I also receive a free blue elephant lens case :D


I personally think that the color is okay but for some it may look scary.
A little bright for a brown eye.
Kind of orange when up close.
I love this because it really complements my new hair color! :D
I'll try to make a post about that too. :)
Oh, and this reminds me of Edward's eyes on Twilight. ;p

I felt a little bit uncomfortable at first when I wore them but after awhile It's okay.
It dries faster than my other lenses. Maybe 2-3 hours earlier than the usual.

It has 14.0mm only so it didn't gave me the big effect.
I would wear this for everyday use or when I'm going out with neutral eye makeup.You can see the difference in the photo.
It kinda looks like a flower to me. :D
What do you think?

The customer service is very accommodating.
Replies to my emails extremely fast!
Packs and deliver their package nicely but I do hope they deliver the package with company name so the customer won't be guessing where it came from.

EDIT: (message from Pinkyparadise after reading my review)
The reasons we did not declare our company name on the package, it is to avoid any custom issues.
I should put my name instead next time :)

You can always spread the code for you readers too.

(Activated from today onward - Sept 11, 2011)
By entering this coupon code:
1. Customers entitle a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts
2. The coupon code can be stacked, If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.
3. A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.

This photo is the result of stress and lack of sleep!
Hello eye bags! T_T

Color: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Enlargement: 3/5
Shop Feedback: 4/5

I suggest this lens to anyone who loves wearing obvious lenses
or anyone who has a darker eye color that would want to have a very visible brown eyes.
I hope you get what I mean. Haha.
I love this lens and I will definitely use this every time I go out. :)
Now I have 3 lenses to use interchangeably so it won't dry out. hehe.
Again, you can check this very lovely lens at WWW.PINKYPARADISE.COM
Disclaimer: Product was provided by the company. The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences. Please purchase at your own discretion.


  1. Very nice! They do look like the eyes in Twilight! :)

  2. Uwah, they are looking great!! And you're right, they are kinda Twilight-ish haha ♥ they blend so well with your natural eye color!!

  3. I love love LOVE G&G BT lenses already! the dolly black and brown are just superb!

  4. Great review! I love the color but for me its a bit too intense... I can use this maybe on a Halloween look... twilight perhaps? ^^,

  5. cute contacts! :D and great review too!

  6. omg you look so beautiful with these lenses :O very entrancing~ <3

  7. very very pretty :)

    i followed you :)

  8. whoa. those contact lenses are waaay shocking! but it looks ok on you!

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  9. These lenses really make your eyes pop in photos, but I think they would look very unnatural in real life since they are so light. They look great in photos though :)

  10. the lens are unique, it really sharp and bold.
    however it looks quite scary....
    but nice review (: ,

    CMPang x

  11. Very lovely. They look nice on you! Kinda reminds me of avatar eyes.

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  13. Wow very nice contact. It's nice to fit your eyes. I want that pair.

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  16. The color is cute and scary at the same time. It kinda make your eyes catlike. I like my contact lenses to look as natural as possible. That's why I still wear my eyeglasses for women more than my lenses. Hehe.
    Anyways, this is a very nice review. Thanks for sharing it.

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