Friday, October 7, 2011

Etude House Essence Mask with Vitamin A Review

I love Etude House products but this product for me is a no-no. :(
I have tried their green tea mask and it worked okay.
I didn't expect that this product would result to pimples after use.
Read on to know more about how this product worked for me.

As you can see on my photo, I look excited and happy.
Coz it really feels good when I'm wearing it.
I did this before I go to sleep so the photo's aren't that good because of the lighting.


  • Abundant supply of nutrient essence in every mask sheet. With Vitamin A for softening.
  • PRICE: P58.00 approx $1.34
  • Ingredients and directions are indicated in my blurry photo ;p


  • Price is very affordable for a face mask.
  • The fluid on the mask will hurt your eyes if you didn't wear it carefully.
  • The smell is okay. Bearable.


  • Gave me break outs. Refer to the last photo on this post.
  • I got red spots all over my cheeks! I didn't have them before the mask. And it feels itchy.
  • I've read that Vitamin A should be of help with wrinkles and skin softening. I don't have wrinkles (for now) but vitamins on face masks sounds interesting. Now, I've learned that if you're contented with your skin, try to maintain the things/products you're already using. I mean, be careful if you want to try new products especially on your face. :( Not all branded products works perfectly as what it claims, it really depends on your skin type.

RATING: 1 out of 5 :/

red spots and pimples after use. :|


  • Obviously, I won't be using this kind of face mask any more. I'm disappointed with this product but I'm pretty sure that it really depends on your skin. I tried their other masks but it worked really well and didn't give me break outs like this one.
  • To all who read this review, I hope it was useful for you in some way.
Have you tried this mask yet?


  1. Uck! I don't think I'll be trying this one. Thanks for the informative review!!

  2. Yes, we should stick with what works for us. Unfortunately, we experiment a lot. I also have a bad case of breakouts right now after using Cyleina black pearl. I was excited pa naman. :(
    Now, I only use it for my body. Tsk.

  3. Thanks for this review~ That's bad it makes you breakout :(

  4. It's a shame that the mask made you break out. I have sensitive skin too so I have to be very careful with the things that I use. But I like to try new products!:( Hope your skin gets back to normal soon. x

  5. omg, that's scary! I hope your bumps go away soon.

  6. wow, we should be really picky in choosing masks for our skin type :)

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  7. It can't be good if it contains alcohol, which it does!

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    someone join plz

  9. wah I feel sorry it broke you out >.< I'm a total picky when it comes to skincare product because my skin is hypersensitive. even the mildest uncolorized and unfragranced product could break me out =( I love Etude House, but only its make up product. actually I kind of 'hate' its skincare (for face) range. too much coloring and too much fragrance

  10. Aww, that's the risk we take right? I'm sure it'll go back to normal soon :)

    I just bought a face mask pa naman from Daiso, I'm having second thoughts on trying it because of this. Haha.

  11. hey that is too bad i m feeling so sorry for you doll

  12. Scary~! Wooo. i wont use that

  13. Olá,vim conhecer o seu cantinho e aproveitei para seguir.
    Parabêns pelo Blog,amei!!!

    Me faz uma visitinha e fique a vontade e se quiser me seguir,sinta-se em casa,vai ser um prazer tê-la por lá!!!

  14. I had that kind of breakout when I used the Saizen Charcoal Mask ):

  15. Oh, that's not really positive. The next time you can try the mask of something else first on your hand to check if you're allergic to it. It might be handy!

  16. Oh my, you might be allergic to one of the components >.< Try their 3D masks instead! :D

  17. whoa, that really sucks. i recently received some etude house masks, hope that i won't get a break out omg

  18. Feaky!! Maybe you're allergic to an ingredient in the mask? >.<

  19. Ack! Thanks for sharing though.

  20. Etude House's masks aren't good for my skin too. T_T

  21. it's about genetic and skin types
    maybe your skin doesn't need any vitamin A, so don't blame etude
    it's just about skins

  22. i tried the vitamin e mask
    and it worked well .

  23. The green tea one also gave me spots :|


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