Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple Gyaru Inspired Nails Tutorial

I'm too excited to try out my new set of nail gems that I got from BornPrettyStore.com
so I made another nail art tutorial from it.

When I see gems and pink stuff I automatically think of gyaru girls.

Gyaru means gal in English. But now it is also known as one of Japanese fashion.
It's a girly-glam style which makes use of mostly makeup, wigs, lashes and fake nails.
Tsubasa Masuwaka is the most popular gyaru from Japan.

Here's how my gyaru inspired nails looks like.

Interested to learn how I made these?
Then please continue reading :)

So first I applied my base coat that I got from Uniqso.com (Blossom Pink)
which is very effective for protecting my nails from stains.
I used it once before this tutorial and
I was really impressed that it didn't gave me the yellow-ish color which I usually got from regular polishes.
It even lessen the stain from my last regular polish use.

Here are the things I've used.
Rhinestones - BornPrettyStore
Top Coat - Chic
Purple Breeze - Sansan
White Nail art Pen - Etude House
Base Coat - Uniqso

My nails are still a little bit yellow as you can see in this photo
but I'll be posting an update every time I change my nail polish
so you can see the improvements that Uniqso.com water-based nail polish is giving me.

Then I apply one coat of my X&D polish in 003.

Next, I made a french tip using my Sansan polish in Purple breeze.
It doesn't really matter if your french tip is not perfect, it will be covered with gems later on.

Starting from the center, apply a clear polish to work as your nail glue.
Then add your favorite gem with the use of a dotting tool or a stick to pick it up.

Then start applying more gems with a different color on the sides.

You can stop on this part but I'd like it to look more girly
so I added small dots using my Etude House nail art pen in white.
And apply your favourite top coat to protect the design.

That's it! Very simple and easy. :)
You just need the right tools and accessories to achieve this design.
You can freely change the color of the polishes that I've used to create your own design.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Thanks for reading. :D


  1. Thank you for the tutorial! It looks so cute! I haven't done much nail art before but this one inspires me to try it. I must get gems first though...

  2. This looks so cute!
    Thanks for the tutorial.
    Do the gems stay on for a long time or not really?

  3. @sishoba: it does. you just really need a good nail glue :)

  4. so cute! by the way where do you buy your nail art supplies? do you also sell them at your shop? i'd love to try these!

    Much love!


  5. @photoescape: Honestly, some of my nail art supplies are sponsored by foreign stores. But you can buy nail art supplies at http://www.facebook.com/phoebesnailart.page

  6. that looks really cute.. wish I had your skills =D


  7. Great tutorial Kat! Let's so a Gyaru makeup din! I've always wanted to do Ganguro ;)

  8. So cute! You did a great job! This makes us want to try doing some nail art of our own. ;)

    Love your blog! Thank you for visiting ours & dropping a comment. We hope to see you back soon!

    XOXO ~
    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. Very pretty! Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. the pink heart rhinestone is Love! :)

  11. very cute, girly, and blingy!

  12. The hearts at the centre of your nails are so cute;)

  13. Oo, very pretty, I'll try this out soon :D

  14. Omgosh they are too cute! Definitely giving it a go - thanks for the inspiration!!


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