Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New nail art stuff from the mail!

I'm was wondering why I got 3 mail notices from our post office last August.
I'm only expecting 2 international packages.
One from Lisa's giveaway and the other one from a lens company.

So when I got this, I instantly searched for something that would tell me where it came from,
regardless of the mail information.
International packages usually came with company owners name
and not the exact name of the shop.
Good thing it has a note. :D

I didn't really expect that NaildeRoyale would send me a package after I posted their banner to my blog. Coz It's quite a long time when I posted it.

Anyway, here are the things that I got from them.

2 Nail art glitters, one in yellow and one in blue
1 LaRosa crackle polish in 04 Orange red 15ml
1 Omega nail art striper brush 7.5ml

The crackle polish looks scary right?!
My first impression was like...
"I dunno if I can wear this any time soon. It's so neon that it hurts my eyes."
But after swatching it, I changed my mind. :D

Here's how it looks like when I got the package

As expected, the polishes are secured with bunch of styrofoams that looks like popcorns. hehe.

Everything is wrapped with bubble wrap.
2x protection huh?
There's the note :D

Oh, I mean 3x protection.
I really appreciate that they sealed each item with shrink plastic
to avoid any possible spilling or mess with other product.

I love the nail striper.
It looks maroon in the bottle but it is really like a bloody red when applied on the nails.
The brush is stiff enough for striping. 
Haven't tried the glitters coz I'm too scared that it might be a mess if I open it.
Maybe I'll use this on my next tutorials :)

I made a video while swatching the crackle polish using small strokes and big strokes,
hoping to get different result. hehe.

Thank you for reading.
Would appreciate any comments and thoughts from this post. :)

Disclaimer: Product was provided by the company. The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences. Please purchase at your own discretion.


  1. ohh wow!! love the crackle nailpolish! *-* the video was very helpful to see the effect, thanks for the effort ♥♥♥
    you rly got nice things :)
    by the way I just followed your blog, it's awesome ^-^

  2. My international Pendent giveaway

  3. I love crack nail polishes :)) I actually filmed a video last month but haven't upload it yet. Boooo Slow connection >.< Arrggh...

    Can you do a girly nail art soon? Thanks


  4. Olá flor passando pra conhece seu blog e adorei ..estou seguindo vou adora ter vc no meu blog e aproveita para convida a participa do mega sorteio que esta rolando beijos

  5. The colors are perfect for halloween! Haha.
    I want crackle polish toooooo! Thanks for introducing this kind of polish to me. Haha. Its the first time I saw something like it.

  6. lovely blog <3
    follow me and ill return the favour :)

  7. love the result! so halloween-ish! awesome! ^^
    the blue glitter looks so pretty! excited to see how you'll use it! :--D

  8. look so nice!

    i followed you hope u follow me back too :)


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