Monday, September 19, 2011

My Cutest Haul!

Hello everyone!
I wanna show you what I've purchased last September 11, 2011 (Sunday) with my cousin and niece.
I know it's kinda late but I still want to share it with you. :D
These things really makes me happy!
Cute stuff for my room! :D

First, I purchased this pink stack-able containers for P100.00 approx $2 each.
There are only 2 pink containers left.
I might buy a couple of these again coz I already filled it up with my current collection.
I use them for my nail polishes. I'll be making my nail polish collection post if you like :D
Just let me know in the comment box.

Next is this super cute re-chargable lamp shade! :D
It's like a lemon inspired one with kawaii face and cute body. (no hands, weird)
Bought it for P220.00 approx $5 only.

This is how it looks like when I lift up the face and opened the light! Yay!
I can bring it anywhere! No cords! :D
Not battery operated.

And my pocket notebooks! I think it's P89.00 approx $2 for these two.
I used to bring my bulky organizer.
Now I only bring one of these and write down the things I'd like to do for the day.

Cute pen which is really amazing and affordable!
I bough this from Clipper for P29.00 approx $0.7 each.
Super cute! It's only available in blue ink though.

Lastly, I made myself a cute NYAN NYAN CAT bracelet! :D
This is also available in my Tinypinkbow shop :)
sells for P130.00 approx $3 each.

Thank you for reading!
Do you like buying and hauling for cute stuff? :D


  1. The nyan cat bracelet is so cute D:

  2. Omg the lamp shade!! It's amazing ♥
    & yeah, show us your nail polish collection! ^^

  3. Nyan Nyan! <3 I might buy a bracelet soon because of this character! :D

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  5. Where did you buy the lamp shade?

  6. hey you bought such a pretty stuff...sure i would love to see your nail polish collection...

    i would love if u can follow back

  7. wow lovely post ..

  8. Love lighting pens too! ;)☆

  9. Love the Nyan cat bracelet! Very cute ^^~ please do show your nail polish collection!

  10. waaah a nyan cat bracelet! so cute XD I kind of want it now =D

  11. Aww all the things are soo cute <3

  12. Ahh super like the lamp thing! It's so adorable and portable. I want that too! :D

  13. I love that lamp its the cutest and I'm loving those notebooks.


  14. Soo cute!

  15. I love kawaii stuff! Cuteness overload! Thanks for sharing babe~

  16. aw everything is soooo cute ! ^___^

  17. Kawaiii :3 I love your pocket notebooks and the lamp shade


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