Thursday, September 15, 2011

I got my braces off! + HBC Sale!

Hello dolls!
Yes, I got my braces off after 2 years and 3 months of struggling with
hard/crunchy foods and not chewing bubble gum! ;p
Though I cheat. I tried to take gums twice and the 2nd trial didn't stick to my braces.
You'll know I love experimenting with stuff. ;p
Forget my first trial. It was horrible. :))
Maybe it really depends on the brand of the gum. hahaha.

Honestly, after my dentist removed it.
It feels weird. Like I want my braces back. Hehe.
But I still need to wear my retainers though (for maintenance).

Anyway, here's a photo of me today (with my bloggers kit).
( wearing DIVA lens from and improvised fake nails ;p )

After my dentist appointment,
I went to HBC Rosario Branch to pick up my kit (which I'll be reviewing soon)
and as a HBC member, I was informed through email
that there will be a huge sale on selected products
for loyalty card holders this September 16-18, 2011.
I panicked and I was like "I need to purchased the loyalty card for my next haul!".

So here's my card :D
If you want to know the advantages of being a member, please read it here:
or you can click this photo to zoom in :)

And I won't go out of that store without purchasing my favorite nail polishes!!!
I was planning to stack clear polish in my collection coz I always needed it to protect my nail art :D
But I ended up purchasing other stuff too.
Gold glitter polish, cuticle remover and nail polish remover.
Seems like I can't control my addiction after all. :/
Their nail polish rack was soooooooo attractive and magnetic!!! hahaha :))

I'll be back by sat to purchase some products from their sale :D
If you need more info regarding the sale,
please visit:
See you there! :)

PS: Thanks to Lorie for the kit.
I'll be making a separate review about it soon. :)


  1. Wow very pretty teeth.....I hope my braces will be taken off already.....hehehe I think I still need to wait for another year.....urgh......

  2. You look very pretty without them Congratulations on having perfect teeth now!!

  3. I didn't know HBC has a loyalty card ^_^ thanks for sharing this! I'll try to get one of this days :) you look very pretty! I love your smile :)

    Much Love!

  4. can't wait to have my braces taken off! :D

  5. My favorite HBC sales lady texted me about this exclusive sale too! Glad to have my HBC card :)

  6. Your teeth look great. Make sure to wear the retainer or else your teeth will keep growing differently. Anyways, there's no hbc where I live.. :( I'll just resort to online shopping

  7. Aww you look sooo pretty here! :) It feels great to have those braces removed. Super dali na mag floss. LOL. I've had mine for 7 years before it was removed. O_O But I got lazy with the retainers so my teeth moved. Always wear your retainers, Kat. :P

  8. @helen: thanks! I won't forget them. Sayang ang suffering while wearing them kung magmomove. haha

  9. Congrats!! You have a beautiful smile, and very pretty teeth! xX

  10. yep. that smile is totally worth the 2 years of "pain". :D

  11. You look gorgeous! =D Hehe. I wish we had something like that HBC thingy in the states.

  12. I'm gonna check out that Nail Polish remover coz it says Acetone free... I hope it really is.

  13. Congrats on getting your braces off!!! :D Those nail polishes are cute!

  14. wow you are so pretty:)! I love your blog!! and I follow it:),
    xo, xo

  15. love your eyes! and your smile! :D I wonder what's on your kit :p we'll be waiting for that review! :)

    following you now! :)

  16. You look Great! I cant wait mine to be removed too ;-)


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