Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Face Shop PK102 with Black and silver French Tip ~ FAIL :|

Forgive me for posting too many sponsored reviews.
But believe me this is not one of those posts. :)

I was inspired on making my nails pink again (after too many yellows)
because of my The Face Shop polish which I bought last June.
I've used it once and I'm quite disappointed. So I never used it again since then.
But when I'm browsing through my collections,
I saw it and tried using it for the second time, hoping it'll work now.

So here's the final look.

Here are the things I've used:

Here's how it looks like after 4 COATS!
I forgot to use a white base coat before applying it.
So I ended up applying 4 coats to make it opaque.
It looks so pretty, with blue and purple undertone which you can't see on my low quality photo :(

The polish looks very smooth after application.
But after drying it completely, the HORROR showed up AGAIN!
See the bubbles?!

I really love the final look but the bubbles ruined it. :(
My other The Face Shop polishes doesn't do this.
I dunno why this pink one keeps on giving me bubbles :(

That'll be all for now.
Thank you for reading!
Do you love wearing pinks on your nails? :)

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  1. I love the application pero bat bglang my maliliit na bubbles? :D But overall i love the baby pink with black and silver. <3

  2. Seems that there are very many bubbles in the pink polish. But I LOVE the final look with pink+silver+black! It looks so so cute!

  3. I agree. Really ruined the cuteness :(

  4. I love the look. I was just disappointed with the bubbles. but really cute! ^_^

  5. So pretty!! I love how perfect your nails are, mine always chip and break :( xX

  6. lovely French tips... bubbles are horrible but ur mani is too cute

    i would love if u follow

  7. Galing galing. I love the pink black combination with glitters.

  8. Uhm isn't it because it wasn't dried up well before the next coat? :D

    Pretty color though :D

  9. Cute manicure!!:) I love french manicure!:)

  10. The look really is awesome but sooo many bubbles! Oh noooo q__q


  11. baka the nail polish is drying na? but it's so cute! :)

  12. i love the pink nail polish :) it's like a pearl!

  13. Some of my nail polishes do this too! very annoying...love the colour combo though! :)


  14. This mani turned out gorgeous . Sorry about the bubbles /:

  15. Ms. Kat, I suggest you change your base coat. :) I used that same brand before (Chic) and did the same thing to me. Just a suggestion though.


  16. Your nails look really nice esp the silver glitter in between :)
    pls follow my blog www.ruqaiyakhan.com

  17. @ahn thank you so much for the suggestion. But I only used Chic's clear polish as a top coat. Maybe it has the same reaction even if it's a tops coat. :/

  18. still a nice french tip!!


  19. from what i know, air bubbles show up when u shake the bottle a lot just before using it or shake ur hands in front of the fan for it to dry.blowing nails can cause those too.


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