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Review: UNIQSO AQmore Nail Polishes

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So, back to the main topic.
I got my package from UNIQSO.
Familiar with the shop?
Let me tell you a little something about the shop... is an online store which is selling unique items.
They have unique yet healthy nail polish namely
AQmore & fancy yet safe to use color lens.
They offer the best quality of nail polish and color lens in the market through online.

Here's how my package looks like when I got it from our post office...
Ever facing yellowish nail after using traditional nail polish?
I know, I am. You can even see it in my nail polish tutorials!
I'm kinda shy to show it to you guys but I need to show every step in my tutorial right?!

Anyway, I found a solution! Hooorraayy!!
AQmore nail polishes is the answer! :)
(I'm loving their clear polish. The best so far!)
I know you wanna skip this super long product info but I'm telling you, you'll definitely learn not only about this product but also the things and facts that we didn't know about regular nail polishes.

1. Made of natural ingredient 
AQMORE water-based nail polish uses the most natural ingredients, with water as the most primitive elements. It is made of 50% of the water, where it not only protects your nails, but also the environment. It is highly recommended for users who concern about their health. 

2. Chemical free 
Nail polish in the market currently brings harm to the human body as its main ingredient are organic solvents, such as acetone, toluene or formaldehyde as the solvent base, which is a harsh dehydrating agent. Traditional nail polish in the market usually eroded the enamel on your nails surface and caused many rough small pits on it, this is to make the nail polish last longer. However, the longer you use, the easier the pigment precipitates, and nails become dry and yellowish. Even the world-famous brands are using these traditional chemical raw materials. Don’t sacrifice the healthiness of your nails.  

3. Convenient and easy to remove 
If you want to remove your AQmore, just dip your fingers in warm water for 20-30 seconds, using the finger nail tips, gently lift up the coat of nail enamel from the edges of the nail surface, peel off the nail enamel once the edges have been successfully dislodged, done and completely removed like a mask, apply the nail essence / cream evenly on the nail surface to nourish and moisture the nails

4. No polish remover needed 
If your nail art design went wrong, just use the wet paper towel to wipe the errors. This is where a common nail polish cannot do. You will have to use polish remover to remove the errors, but it will damage you hard effort nail art. 
5. Meets international testing 
AQmore meets international SGS and FDA testing, dermatologists recommend AQmore as it is made of natural ingredients, contains no organic solvents, which will not to hurt your skin and nails. 

So much with the technical terms. Let's start with my review :D
I picked this color coz honestly I don't have a solid green polish in my collection.
I need to use it in my Angry birds nail design! LOL
And I can't resist the cute bottle!
I also want to experience and learn the difference between regular polishes and natural ones.
You can purchase the product here:

Weight: 30gm
Volume: 8ml
Shelf - Life: 1 - 1.5 years
Availability: 2 - 3 day

  • The bottle! Very handy. Gives me very long handle while painting my designs.
  • Can be removed without using acetone.
  • Natural and safe for your nails.
  • Doesn't make my nails yellow.
  • If you read the first part of this post, it's pretty much the same with what I want to include in this part.
  • Just the smell.
  • Pricey than the regular polishes.
  • Not the same color in the bottle. Slightly darker.
RATING: 4 out of 5
Has a super unique way of telling that their products are natural! They added real flowers in it!
This is actually a part of the nail care step.
And it is used as a top coat.
Weight: 30gm
Volume: 8ml
Shelf - Life: 1 - 1.5 years
Availability: 2 - 3 day

  • I also use this as my base coat. Coz it really does protect my nails from getting stains!
  • Very unique bottle!
  • It has the same long handle and brush for easy use.
  • Has a different scent.
  • Again, a little bit pricey than regular polishes.
RATING: 5 out of 5

  • Packaging: The product came in a very cute bear box with bubble wrap cushions for the glass bottles. The box is actually handmade (I think) and made with love.
  • Delivery: I got it in less than 15days. And no damage what so ever.
  • Customer Service: Very helpful and accommodating!
  • Definitely! I wanna collect all the colors! :D
  • I love this product and I recommend this to anyone who likes and love to where nail polishes!
Here's a photo of my nails wearing ALICE and BLOSSOM PINK TOP COAT :D
Made my angry birds nails with stage/level boards :)
Again, visit for unique polishes and lenses!
You may watch this video to see how the waterbased polish works
compared to cheap and expensive brands:)

Disclaimer: Product was provided by the company. The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences. Please purchase at your own discretion.


  1. Cool, but I have a question, if you make an error and use a wet paper towel, then when you wash your hands will it ruin the nail polish? Or am I not getting this? lol.

  2. if you make an error "While it is fresh" you can just use wet paper towel, not acetone to correct it. when you wash your nails the design/polish when it's dry it wont ruin your nails :)

  3. Nothing is technically "chemical-free." Even water is chemical. Even natural products have chemicals. Maybe they should say "free from harmful chemicals" instead or something :)))

    ANYWAY, this sounds so awesome! Esp. since it doesn't stain the nails :D

  4. wa i love your angry birds nails!!

  5. Aww, I really love the mani. :)

  6. So it works like acrylics? :P

  7. @val kinda. but it tend to stay longer than the regular polishes.

  8. wow that is sooo cool. I just have a question, when you mention smell, do you mean it smells weird? or does it smell strong? coz if it is water based then it wouldn't smell as harsh as normal polishes right?

  9. @kai: it doesn't smell that strong but it has a rubber-y kind of smell.

  10. This sounds like an interesting polish. Wouldn't the polish lift if you are taking a bath or a shower too though? The color looks nice on you though, and I love your Angry Birds theme :D

  11. @rinny don't worry dear, it won't lift when washed if it's totally dry. It tend to stay longer than my regular polish :D

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