Monday, May 23, 2011

Beauty Tip: How to Choose and Apply Blush

Hello dolls!

Blush is one of the most essential part on my make-up routine, it will give you a very sensual look and would make your face more radiant. Without blush, our face would look flat and would lack dimensions. Agree?

These tips/steps are applied after you're done doing your contouring which I discussed in my last post. You can check it here.

I will be sharing some of the things I do when applying my blush and will show you  some of the products I use regularly.

1. First, grab a fluffy brush. (I use my charm kabuki brush)

2. Find a blush that matches your cheeks when your flushed. The best way to test it is by spanking your cheeks lightly. :D (I use ELF's Blush and Contouring Duo or my Everbilena's Cheek blush in Honest)

3. For blush shades: Fair skin matches pink-rose shades while darker skin matches peachy-red shades.

4. Powder type blushes are best for combination-oily skin while cream, liquid and gel are best for dry skin.

5. You can combine the two to make your blush stay longer. For example, apply cream, liquid or gel lightly then top it off with your powder blush. Make sure the shades are close to each other.

6. You can apply blush before foundation for more natural finish but I suggest to do it before or after applying the lipstick as your second to the last step in your make-up routine.

7. Look into the miror and smile. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks and you're off to go! :)

Again, I hope this helps. 
Have a great day dollies! :D
Hugs and kisses,

Note: Some photos are taken from google.


  1.  thanks for the tip!! hmm, i think i'll look into getting a lip tint too, they're cute! :D

  2.  Is the Bench stain any good? I've been looking at that for a long time now!

  3.  I need to find a nice peachy blush for the spring! any recommendations?
    Thanks for sharing :D

  4. Your blush looks to be a very lovely shade!

    I am a bit of a blush fanatic, and my HG brands has got to be MAC and Nars. :)



    The Cat

  5. Thanks for the post :)
     You look super pretty btw ^^

  6. First of all, Thanks so much for following me! hahah i haven't really checked my blog that much until recently~

    aww... nice tips! hahah I like how they are nice/direct/ and simple. teehee 

  7.  ooh that pink kabuki brush is so cute! :)

    i heard that elf products arent that good since theyre also cheap. do their blushes last long on ur skin? they have nice palettes!

  8. this blush from elf is totally awesome. you should check it out. it's from their studio line. not from the dollar ones :)

  9. wecome deary! :D thank you too! :)

  10. aw thank you :D

  11. those products are really expensive for me. haha :D

  12. uhm.. not really. try body shops tint :)

  13. welcome deary! :D

  14.  Hi dear, your blog is really cool! Amazing posts! I just love it and I'm following! I hope you visit me and follow mine too. 

    Michelle Duarte fashion designer from Brazil.

  15.  I have the portable kabuki brush from charm : O I use it more as a powder brush since its  pretty big. owo A nice finishing powder let's blush and foundation stay on long too : D I use the white chocolate mineral primer from ellana. >A> I use it as finishing powder instead. XD Least I'm practically sweat proof

  16.  andami ko na talagang natututunan from you. 

  17. great tips! im tan so peachy colored blushes looks more flattering for me :)

  18. agree! :D peachy blushes for most Filipina's! :D

  19. hehehe. thanks! would post more! promise :)

  20. that not an issue at all. as long as it looks good right? haha :D

  21. thanks for following deary. followed you back :)

  22. Lovely post! Looking forward to reading many more :) x

  23. c.isfoh.carmenx3June 4, 2011 at 11:41 PM

    love your post! very informative (:

    i've been looking for a lip tint D:


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