Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random: Issa Turns Thir-TEEN!

Hello dollies! I dedicate this post to my dear cousin Issa who celebrated her birthday yesterday! :) She usually has this boyish type of style who always wear t-shirts, pants and rubber shoes. But that's before she was 13. She's kind of shy but she's really charming and kind. You can check her new blog account here: http://iamissa9.blogspot.com

She celebrated her birthday at home. Yes, we usually do that. We enjoy birthdays at home rather going somewhere with limited family members to celebrate with. At home, you're relaxed and you can do everything!

me and Issa :>

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday! :) I'm going to start with the foods!

Kaldereta - Filipino dish of meat and tomato sauce - I ate a lot because of this!
So yummy! I want more!!!

Fresh Pipino (cucumber) with dip
Dip Recipe:
mustard, mayonnaise and all purpose cream with a lil bit of sugar and pepper..
can also be used as dip for pork and chicken fillet and other steamed veggies :))

Fried chicken fillets

Mamon bread

My favorite pancit bihon

Random photos:
Issa with her mom.

Issa's brother, Ikko.

She's wearing something she's never used to. Haha.

She's mimicking me while taking her photo.

As for birthday gift, I gave her the red one and the pink one's for me. haha :)
I also added a pink dress and some accessories inside.

I also painted her nails that day.
She loves red but I personally think it's not very suitable for her age
so I added some white polish to the tips to make it look charming.

Happy Birthday again Issa!
Teen ka na! Naks!
We love you! :)


  1. Your cousin looks really shy but I'm sure she'll bloom just in time. Pretty! :)

  2. yah, it's very noticeable on the photos. :)

  3. Fresh Pipino
    with dip <~~~ I wonder what kind of dip sauce is that? can i get the recipe?

  4. belated happy birthday issa! <3
    where did you get your matching bags sis? it's so pretty!
    and, how do you make the pipino dip? i just put mayo and ketchup in mine e. << totally uncreative LOL!

  5. I'm so interested in you cucumber dip! I wonder what ingredients you used? belated heypeebertdey to Issa...hehe

  6. Awww how cute !! :D

    i followed your awesomeee blog! visit me!


  7. thanks for your comment on my blog, i'm following, hope you follow me back!

    Check out my new post!MY BLOG: DRESS UP FOR ARMAGEDDON

  8. oh thank you deary. already followed you :)

  9. thank you for following me deary. would check yours out :)

  10. would pos it as soon as my tita replied to my message. haha :D

  11. got it from egg. :D I'll post the recipe as soon as my tita replied to my message. Promise! :D

  12. would post the recipe soon deary. I have to ask my aunt about it :D

  13. I looove your blog!!!

  14. I love cucumber but I like to dip it in vinegar. lol.

    Happy birthday to Issa! :)

  15. Happy birthday,
    wishes and prayers




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