Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mag Scan: Candy - Seasons Hottest Swimwear Hues + My Birth Month! :)

Hello dolls! :D
As I promised, here are the pages of swimwears from my
Candy magazine which I scanned yesterday!
If you're still wondering what swimwear matches your body type
you can read my blog post here.

 Photo scanned from Candy Magazine April Issue 2011 - page 87

click to enlarge the photo.
A pink suit always gives you options: Nauhty or nice?

Photo scanned from Candy Magazine April Issue 2011 - page 88
click to enlarge the photo.
Sunny colors like yellow, coral and orange accentuate a great tan.

Photo scanned from Candy Magazine April Issue 2011 - page 91
click to enlarge the photo.
Go boho with a psychedelic print bandanna while wearing your green suit.

Photo scanned from Candy Magazine April Issue 2011 - page 92
click to enlarge the photo.
Reversible suits are great for mixing and matching with your bikinis.
You can always visit their site at:

And here's what making me excited!
photo taken from Google.

Yes, it's my birth month! And I'm turning 21 on May 13! :) Blaaahh... I'm gettin' older. :| For some people including me it’s a special day to acknowledge another year of life but I know for others it’s just another day. Boo you! :p

I have to say that this was my shortest and coolest day of the year! The best thing is, it's always Summer! But I always like to celebrate my birthday at home with my family and friends. I know it's kinda boring but I like to share the day with all the people I love and exchange old jokes plus "tsismis" with them. We don't see each other that often so it's my chance to make an alibi to gather them all together at the same time. I don't expect them to give me gifts and stuffs but it is much appreciated if they do. Haha :))

My mom used to cook spaghetti and fried chicken every time I celebrate my birthday. My aunt used to help her in cooking and checks the things she needed for the day. Me? I just sit back, relax and wait for the food. Just kidding. :))

The most special thing for this day is that I'm celebrating my birthday with my dad. My dad used to work abroad for 18 years. He goes home every year, around October/November. We never had the chance to celebrate my birthday together. The last birthday of mine that he's present is when I was 2 and I can't even remember that. :/

Ok, so much for the drama! I'll still be posting random stuffs and reviews for the following days but I'll be sure to update all of you on what I'm working on for my birthday on every post! :)

Also, I'm sorry if I'm not that good in English. I'm trying my best to make each and every post understandable for my readers. Thank you for your support dolls! :D

So, tell me. When is your birthday and how do you usually celebrate it? :)
Hugs and kisses,


  1. Hey kat, i luv those bikinis ^_^

    Btw im having a huge giveaway, but i need help with one simple Question answer it and you'll get an extra entry when the giveaway start on May 3rd
    Hope you are interested, there are alot of great prizes


  2. advance happy birthday sis! =) i usually disappear on my birthday because so many people are looking for me LOL! i often just have lunch or dinner with my family. ^_^

  3. Awww. Those swimmers are so cute. Too bad its nearing winter where I am.. :(
    That cake looks too nice to eat. hehe

  4. true! haha. If ever I receive a cake like that, I'll just store it in my fridge. LOL

  5. thank you dear :D LOL, hiding from gate crashers? :p

  6. Answred your question on your blog dear. :D I'm really excited for the giveaway! yey! :D

  7. gorgeous blog! keep up the good work!
    would love ur support for mine too xo

    p.s we have similar blog names - hehe!

  8. thanks for the scan... my bday month is may too ^^

  9. Love blog,
    it is so cute!

    I am following you:)

    Have a great day,

  10. the pink swimsuits look so adorable. if only I have the body that could fit in them. I do have swimsuits but I use a cover up for most of them... the other one somewhat looks like a dress. can't do the two piece though as it will expose my bilbil. haha.

    good to hear that you'll be able to celebrate with your dad. even though I get to be with my parents everyday, I still love being with them on my birthday. I don't do bongga celebrations too. didn't even had a debut celebration even though a lot of people convinced me to.

    have a nice day ^__^


  11. Hey, thanks a lot your comment^^ I like your blog too, u get new reader :)


  12. thank you so much dear :D

  13. haha. oh bilbil please go away. LOL. Im too skinny. I also cant wear revealing swim suits. eerr :(

  14. thank you so much dear :D checking your blog. :)

  15. Advance Happy Birthday dear :) && you're going to celebrate your birthday with your dad :)

  16. thank you dear :D

  17. Your blog looks cute^^,
    Ahhh happy birthday in advance ! :D
    I think you should celebrate your actual birthday with your family, and celebrate it with some friends the day after like a dinner or shopping trip (May14th) cause it's a Saturday:D
    My birthday is at the end of this month (31st May) but I'm not sure if I have the time to celebrate it with my friends seeing as my exams starts on 9th May :/ But I will definitely celebrate it with my family :) xx

  18. thank you dear :) that's a great Idea. I used to do that when I was still in school. Advance happy birthday too! :D

  19. hi!! ^^

    I love the bathing suits!
    very cute ^ ^

  20. Aww the bathing suits are really cute!! Sadly, I don't have time for the beach cos of my work! >< We went to the beach last week but I was not able to swim/wear swimsuit even cos I had to go to Manila in the afternoon. T__T Advance happy birthday Kat!!

  21. Thanks so much for posting those mag scans! It really reminds me that I need to go bathing suit shopping and Im way too nervous to try on a bikini so I think Im going to stick with a one piece suit hahaha Oh and don't worry about your english, it's perfect! Oh and Happy (early) Birthday!

  22. thank you so much for a long comment! I'm also hesitant to buy a bikini. LOL I think im gonna buy one piece too. ;p

  23. aww. you need some rest too deary. baka masira beauty :(
    thank you so much for the greeting! :D

  24. thanks dear :)

  25. the swim suits are lovely!

    oooh advance happy birthday! I'm really glad that you're celebrating it with your Dad. I'm sure it's going to be a memorable and fun bday for you! :)

  26. thank you dear. I'm really excited :D

  27. wow. i'm excited that you're finally turning 21! haha i guess it's only a big deal in the US since that's an exciting age. I'm glad your dad is visiting. Tell me your addy, i'll send you a love package. =)

    as far as my bday it's on July 4. It's also America's Birthday. It gets really annoying because people get off on that holiday and all spend time with their family. So it was very difficult for me to celebrate with friends, since I'm always out of town.

  28. oh my, really? you're not joking right?! hehe. you're the first to send me one. :D
    You shouldn't have to. But it's really exciting! LOL.

    thats definitely a wrong timing. but you're still lucky. My cousins birthday is exactly on Holloween's day! Which is kinda annoying.

  29. Happy birthday for two days time! My birthday is right after Christmas, 3rd Jan after New Years and then my brother's birthday- I wish mine was around May too.xo

    Drop by if you can <3

  30. By the way; those swimsuits are adorable! Especially the pink; I guess I'm just a girly girl x

  31. oh, thank you deary! :D

  32. thank you so much deary. you're really sweet :) checking your blog :)

  33. By the way; those swimsuits are adorable! Especially the pink; I guess I'm just a girly girl x


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