Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's in my bag?

I thought it might be fun to do a little show and tell today.
What's in my bag, you ask? Well, I shall tell you. :D

First, here's my favorite purse/bag from Marithe Francois Girbaud which I bought last December.
I use it every single day!
  • skin toned leather material with braided strap/handle.
  • closed with magnetic flap and zipper. 
  • 18"x10"x7" in size
  • has 1 zipped pocket and 2 extra pockets inside.
I carry my...
1. makeup bag from Ellana Minerals
2. wallet from Boardwalk
3. date book from Tomato
4. two folds umbrella
5. Parker pen
6. compact mirror
7. Domo earbuds holder from
8. some mints from Tictac
9. keys with panda keychain from
10. fan *in case it gets hot. It's summer right?! haha*
11. brush from Paganini
I like to bring large purse for carrying my junks. LOL

I can make a "What's in my make-up bag?" post if you like. :)
Hugs and kisses,


  1. How cool!!! Your bag is really pretty! I have a lot of trash in my bag lol

  2. That Domo looks so cute! I tend to carry a lot of junk in my bag so most of my bags are pretty big :P Do you always carry the same make up? Or do you switch it round? Would be interesting to see what you have as your basics/essentials :) Xx

  3. Awww you have the cutest things! Your bag is adorable too! Are those 2 different purses or does the tan one go inside the yellow one? If so, that's freakin adorable! lol

  4. @everyday makeup: Thank you! :) Trashes are my bags treasures. LOL

    @priscilla: I made it myself :) I always use the same makeup bag but whenever I finish my makeup for the day I change the things and switch it with what I used. So if ever I wanna touch up, it would be the same product. :)

    @dinorah: Same purse.:) With flash and natural sun light. The tan one is the true color :D

  5. I love your bag! So cute. And I also love your datebook big time! I wanna have one too. :-)

  6. The domo is soooo adorable!! :)

  7. Your panda keyring's so cute ^^ What's in my makeup bag post please? :3

  8. Would love to see what's in your makeup bag! I love your handbag it's so pretty. I too also carry an umbrella and fan with me all the time.

  9. wow i love the DOMO! Why is all the stuff in your bag so cute? LOL :))you completely inspired me to do my first whats in my bag post =))

  10. I'd love to see what's in your makeup bag as well!! :)

  11. @mikimoto: Thanks! :) I'm so grateful I got them for free! :)

    @michelle: Thank you. made them with love again. hehe

    @michelle: Sure deary :D I'm now taking pictures for my next post(what's in my makeup bag)! yey! :D

    @Hollie: Sure sure! :D Lakas nyo sakin e! :D Ang inet diba? sobra :/

    @Ann: haha. I'm just so lucky biniyayaan ng crafty hands ni God :D I'll be glad to see your stuffs :) Post it soon :D

    @Nika: loading.... haha :))

  12. Your bag is so pretty!!! :D

  13. I love big bags too! Yeah. Definitely for carrying my junks! :)

    Thanks You for following my blog! I followed you back. Have a nice day. ^^

  14. @aya: I know right?! Never tired of using it. :D

    @orangefay: thank you so much! :D

  15. really changes color?

  16. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

  17. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

  18. @debi: nope. hehe. My camer's flash is just poor. :))

    @mary: thank you :) going to check your too :D

  19. the flash made such a difference!!!
    hey u have a nice blog..may be we could follow each other..

  20. I love your bag! But isn't it difficult to match outfits with that? Anyway, I randomly found your blog and decided to follow cos I've been searching for Filipino beauty bloggers out there. I'm a Filipino too~ Hihi <3 Have a lovely day! ^^

  21. I love your earbuds holder! So cute.

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  22. @hungover & sunny: checking your blog. :)

    @hercy: Hi thanks for following. I'll check your blog too. :) Ok naman, It matches my outfits well. Especially if wedge shoes suot ko :)

  23. Ooh, i love the Domo earbuds holder! ^_^ So cute!! You should def do what's in your makeup bag!

  24. great post! your panda key chain is so cute :)

  25. @kat: aw thanks :) That's my first felt project I made for myself :)

  26. thanks for following! =) im following back now.


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