Monday, April 25, 2011

Tag: 10 Things I Love

Hello dolls! :3

I was tagged by Ann and Catmare to do 10 things I love tag. Thank you so much for tagging me! Honestly, this is my first ever tag post. So I really appreciate you tagged me. :)

Let's start! :D

1. Compaq Presario Laptop - which was given to me by my parents for my 18th birthday. This is my best friend. I use it all the time especially when I'm blogging and designing web pages.

2. HTC Desire HD mobile phone - I bought it for myself last February. This is my life companion. Haha. I can't leave the house with it. I use it for gaming, as my blog camera, and most of the time surfing the net.

3. Dresses & skirts - I love wearing Korean type dresses especially when going out or shopping. :D I just like to look cute even I'm like 5'6-5'7 tall. :))

4. Make up - like Catmare, I was already out of college when I started applying make up. And my most favorite part of it is putting eye liners also. :D

5. Bunnies - I love the soft, fluffy thin furs of my cute little rabbits when they're like 2-4 weeks only. Sadly, my mom gave them to her friend when their like as big as cats. And they're not cute at all. :))

6. Food and reunions - I do look super thin *as in payatatot. haha* but I also love food! Especially spicy ones. Especially "mangga't bagoong"!

7. Gifts and handwritten letters - I love receiving surprise gifts and hand written letters from my friends and family members. I put it in a box and read them whenever I want to :D

8. Gummybears - especially the red ones.

9. Organizer/Datebook - helps me with my everyday boring schedule. haha.

10. Bags and shoes - every girl must haves right? :D
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  2. List 10 things that you love.
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Hugs and kisses,


  1. just passing by :)

    would love to do this on my blog :) I've seen this tag from other bloggers too.

    have a nice day :)

  2. thanks for the tag dear :) will do this after my exam. btw nice phone.

  3. i like gummy bears too! :3

    thank you! :3 will do it this week and will let you know once i posted the tag. ^-^

  4. aww thanks for tagging me!! thats so sweet of you to give little goodie bags to your family. i wish you were part of mine so i can get one hahaha. and OMG i love the style of your agenda. i have an agenda fetish and i write everything down in it also!

  5. @donna: It's my bags companion :D I never leave the house wihtout it :D

  6. i'm with you on the phone and organizer - can't leave home without it otherwise i feel so ... naked!!! :P

    Re: your comment, my brother and fiance are super into air softing! i'd love to try it some day but their games are so intense. haha! :P

  7. I like gummy bears but Love the gummy worms even more...wahihihi

    btw, I'm lovin the new layout and new banner! looks great!

  8. @hollie: hindi ako mapakali sa layout ko! haha! I love gummy worms too!

    @aya: thanks :D

  9. hi girl!

    thanks for tagging me! you listed a lot of pretty things. i also cannot go out without my phone! and omg! youve got a tomato planner! bummer! i should have purchased one before.

    - i'll post about it as soon as i finish listing all the stuff that i love!

    - tc!

  10. Lovely things you have there. I also love food although I'm very lean as well. I'd love to do this tag too. :-)

  11. @reina: I got it for free last February as I recall. :D will be waiting for your post! :D

  12. thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment!

    of course food, bags, and shoes are on my list too! not in the order. :)


  13. -> it seems nobody could leave home without phone anymore LOL I have a HTC too, but the battery dies insanely fast and it takes hours to recharge >_<.

    -> like all the pets, baby time is definitely the cutest time! puppy, kitty, baby bunny.. ahh so fluffy n lovely ♥

  14. @pixie: I configured my phone to save battery life. :) I agree, most of fluffy things are cute and lovable! But not all. LOL

    @modern girl: your welcome doll. :)

  15. Woahh.. that Missha BB cream! I'm collecting reviews about this BB cream and I was quickly kump over your review about it. Nice! Everyone talks about it a lot. hehehe(:

    P.S: Nice blog, dear!(:

    Dreamy Princess

  16. Thanks for commenting on my post! i'm following your lovely blog now. Great post! Especially love your organiser and bag x

  17. @dreamy princess: I use it everyday and I love it. You should try it! :)

    @penelope: aw. thanks :D

  18. lovely things. Can't live without those things too. Bunnies are so cute!!!
    great post


  19. @tootsie: they're so adorable right?! :D

  20. Yay! Thanks for doing the tag. I love surprise gifts, too! And the manggang hilaw gusto ko pati bagoong! :D

  21. I love food and reunion as well! :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  22. ryc: Yes, that's all! Thanks for entering, good luck! :)

  23. Thanks for stopping by(:
    MmM i love gummy bears to and reds my favourite too:D

    Your blogs really cute(: <3

  24. Aww those bunnies are adorable!

  25. Thanks for following Kat! Nice to have you on my blog ^_^
    Computer = definitely my number one as well. I couldn't survive without it. Well, maybe I could, but it would be hard. :P

  26. Just found your blog, it's so cute and I like a lot of things in this post too like gummy bears and bunnies. :)

    Following now, I have a fashion blog here in California

  27. number 7 is so cute! :) love your blog !

  28. Hey!!!Cool tag post. I got into makeup after college too :)

  29. @dinaxyyan: excited for the draw :D

    @blogchic: i love all colors but red is special for me lol.

    @marloes: agree!

    @bibi: haha. me too! I feel like its a part of me now :D

    @dale:thank you so much :)

    @jelena: i know right? so yummy! :D

    @everyday makeup: that's great. hindi maagang lumandi sabi nga nila :D

  30. Thanks so much for tagging me Kat! Great list of faves you have - and the pictures you put up with them are really nice too ^^ I'm looking forward to doing this tag :D

  31. you're always wecome rinny! :D i'll be waiting for your tag post :)

  32. How cute are those bunnies?! If they stayed small I wouldn't mind having one lol.

    Stop by my blog some time :)

  33. Aww thanks for tagging me! This is my 2nd time to be tagged for this 10 thingy post and I really can't wait to post them! But I'm so busy nowadays with work, but I promise to post this asap! :D I love love love the #s 6 & 7! I wish I could be thin too even with those yummy food, but unfortunately, I gain weight easily >< And who doesn't love surprises and handwritten letters?! They're like, the best things in this world!! ^^

  34. no biggie! :) I'll be waiting for your tag post dear. I hate being thin. :/ Too many negative comments T_T I added you to my blog roll dear :D Hope it's ok :)

  35. dang you're so tall! :P I wish I was a bit taller :p
    and hahaha! your bunnies were not cute after they grew up? how come?? :p

  36. haha. I think it's my advantage in everything. especially when watching something like concerts and other events. haha. But sometimes I feel bad about it. Maybe because of the people around me. :/ They talk to much and forgets that I'm being hurt.

  37. laptop is my number one, too :D can't live without it ...
    I also love gifts and handwritten letters<3


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