Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review: Nivea Angel Star 24h Body Soft Souffle

Remember my haul post last December? I finally opted buying a body lotion/souffle because my skin started to get dry because of the weather. I want something light for my skin and when I saw this I grabbed it straight to the counter. Haha. I do love my Nivea products especially my HG Nive lip care.

The idea of applying a lotion is not that appealing to me. I don't like the greasy feeling. Some lotions tend to melt on your skin when you sweat and it doesn't smell as good as when you're applying it.

Honestly, this is my first body lotion that I'm religiously using since I started buying one. :p And I love it! I tried using different lotions when I was in highschool. Coz my mom's addicted to it. She's used in applying lotion every bath and she have tried dozens of brands every year. She loves to experiment different brands. Risk taker huh? :D

Product info:
  • Nivea Angel Star Soft Souffle melts immediately into your skin and leaves it refreshed and soft all day long. This skin caring cream with yoghurt has an irresistible raspberry scent that gives your skin a real treat. Get that "wow-effect!" Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.
  • Caring cream with Yoghurt
  • Raspberry Scent
  • 200ml
  • PRICE: P200.00 approx $5
  • Where to buy: Local Drug store or Grocery store
What I Lve:
  • yoghurt to gel consistency
  • not greasy at all
  • dries after a minute after application
  • leaves my skin smooth
  • I love the sweet scent
  • gives just enough moisture
What I Hate:
  • The packaging. Not very hygienic.
Rating: 4 out of 5
Will I repurchase?
  • Yes! But I think it's more suitable for people with normal skin. It will only give you very light hydration.
Have you tried this product yet? :)

Hugs and kisses,


  1. I have the lotion one and I love it :) Keeps my skin real soft and moisturized :)

  2. Yeah me too have this and love using it <3 Great review!!

  3. woi, i like this too..hehe. I am bored with lotions na. Thanks for the review :)

  4. I was looking for a body butter, but then I found this post. I've never noticed this in nivea counters. will try to look for this.

    Thanks for sharing.
    also I hope you follow me back.

  5. i wanna try this! :) thanks for the review!

  6. I haven't seen this in the UK but I'll keep an eye out for it :P it actually looks kinda yummy XD Xx

  7. I agree! The packaging freaks me out a bit but it does sound good! :)

  8. Hey Kat, this sounds really good especially when you said its yogurt to gel consistency :)

  9. hi :) was blog hopping today and saw you following another blogger. so went to visit your blog too :)

    very nice review. :)

    I'm not a lotion fan myself because I haven't found that lotion that won't leave my skin sticky. I use st. ives fresh2o though but it doesn't have any fragrance but the consistency is good. I want something that smells good but can hydrate my skin just fine. might try this product :) thanks. :)

  10. nice review...will try this nga

  11. I wonder if they sell this in the States? I'd love to try this out. Great review. :)

  12. I wonder if they sell this in the States? I'd love to try this out. Great review. :)


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