Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Back!: Tomato DateBook 2011 & Korenaovela

Yes! I missed blogging!!! Thanks to my dear friend UnoGratia for reminding me that someone still cares about my blog posts. *drama..lol*

Beacause of boredom and family dramas which I'll be sharing on my next post, I ended up watching Koreanovelas last month. Guess what? I finished 16 episodes (5 parts per episode) of My Princess less than 3 days! *I just can't stop watching until the end! haha* It is actually aired from monday-friday on ABS-CBN, one part per day.

Why I love it?  If you thoroughly watch this tv seriesl, you'll probably love the part when she got her lovely room with jam-packed wardrobe of pretty shoes and dresses, plus a huge palace with dozens of house maids! Oh, who can forget the gentle Prince. One of the reasons why every girl wants to be a princess, right? Blame it all on fairy tales! :D

An ordinary college student, Lee Seol (the characterof Kim Tae-hee), finds out she’s a princess and the great grand daughter of Joseon Dynasty last Emperor Emperor Sunjong. The grandson of Daehan Group,Park Hae-young (the character of Song Seung-hun), is put in charge of educating Seol on proper etiquette. However, Hae-young is put in a precarious situation when he finds himself drawn to Seol, the girl who will take away his inheritance if the monarchy is restored.

If you're interested you can watch it on http://www.mysoju.com/korean-drama/my-princess/.

Let's get back to the main topic. Here's what helping me with my everyday boring schedule. Haha. I know, it's a little too late for posting this. But I still want to share how I keep my schedule organized everyday.

I got mine in semi formal design. Mustard colored artificial leather.
All designs are so pretty but I like mine to be formal. :)

It has 5 card pockets and 1 clear pocket and a pen holder on the side.

Has 3 sections per page, perfect for daily notes.

Has a bonus page every month with random tips.

and lots of discount cards!

I got this datebook for free last December with a minimum purchase of P1,400 of tomato products. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm really not sure about the promo because it was only given to me by my bf last Christmas with our matching watch and some garments.

I use this planner before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up. Whether I'm writing a significant moment for the day or planning something for the week. It helped me a lot specially with birthdays and whenever I forget something that I've done in the past. *memory gap strikes again. lol*

I just love writing notes! I'TS A GIRL THING! :) 

Hugs and kisses, Kat :>


  1. I think your synopsis is drawing me into watching this. It's kinda something like Princess Diaries 2, right? :)

  2. @Michelle: kinda.. :) But in this case, the girl doesn't really want to be a princess. Go watch it! I'm sure you'll love it. :)

  3. it so pretty and funny! ive been watching it every single day...


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