Friday, April 22, 2011


Yiippee! Finally got some products from Etude House! I never tried any of their products before. But I've heard a lot of great reviews about it. Who can ever resist the beauty of their inviting pink boutique?! I just had to go in there to check it out myself. :D

I felt like a princess roaming around a pink doll house full of pretty make up. I saw lots of things from makeup, nail accessories, makeup tools, skin care, and lots of masks etc.

[Etude House purchases]

So here they are...

Etude House purchases:
  • 2 Petit darling nails in pk003 and pk013 P48 each approx $1.5
  • 1 Mini french no.6 P128 approx $2.97
  • Hand Bouquet P128 aprrox $2.97
  • Essence mask with Vitamin A P58 approx $1.3
  • Body razor P78 approx $1.8
  • Eyebrow shapper / knife P58 approx $1.3
  • and I got a Pocket tissue for FREE. Thanks Etude :)
  • Etude House Pink Membership card :D
Watsons purchases:
  • Cethaphil (my 4th bottle) P539 approx $12.53
  • Sunsilk Shampoo smooth and manageable P94 approx $2.18
  • Nivea Hand moist boost gel cream P67 approx $1.55
  • Nouveau Comb P89.75 approx $2.08
  • Acetone / Nail polish Remover P20.70 approx $0.48
  • Bobby pins P8.75 approx $0.20
  • Wish nail acrylic set P79 approx $1.83
SM purchases:
  • 2 scented candles
    • Betty Crocker Strawberry Shortcake P69.75 approx $1.62
    • Betty Crocker Creamy Vanilla P69.75 approx $1.62
  • Fling skinny jeans P999 approx $23.23
I've already made my list for my next purchase. haha! I've checked their site, grabbed my pen and started to jot down the things I'd like to add to my Etude collection.

This shop makes me wanna change my room color to pink. Blue to pink?! UHG! Should I?
Hugs and kisses,


  1. The nail polishes from Etude House are only 48 pesos each??

    I thought it would be more like 100 pesos. I will definitely check those out.

  2. @michelle: mostly 98 pesos each :)

  3. nice haul! i love etude house face masks! :)

  4. haven't tried it yet :) would use it within the week. yey! :D

  5. Lovely haul! I can't wait to go to Etude House again! ^^ My pink card is rusting! ><

  6. @hercy: thanks :) mine's getting excited for points. lol

  7. great haul kat! :) yay for the etude house membership card! ;)

  8. i love etude house they have such cute and affordable products :)

  9. Wow nice batch of goodies! If I get to visit the PI later this year, I definitely want to stop by etude house there.

  10. These are cool! :) watsons, etude and penshoppe pants! :D i'm into penshoppe fling pants too! :)

  11. very nice haul.

    haven't been to any etude house counters. no etude in moa. and when i went to makati last week, i forgot that theres etude in sm dept store makati.

    do you know how much the matte polishes?


  12. Aww Etude house stores are indeed cute, pero parang I can't pick anything suitable for me eh. I'm morena kasi and their products are for fair skinned girls lang ata :( haha

  13. I love Etude House~~ XD Medyo addictive cause they're a lot more fairly priced than other korean cosmetic companies available locally! For the quality of their products the prices are really good. owo Ah and I love their nail polish too. The petite darling nails have a lovely matte finish and they dry fast and they're really smooth to apply! >w< And I have the same eyebrow shaver too it's very smooth. Oh and they;re generous with freebies hehe XD Sorry for the long post I like the company a lot. Maybe not for the foundations but everything else is cool : D!

  14. @kat: waaaa.. now you're making me jot stuffs on my wishlist! haha :)) would you recommend their face masks?

  15. It's always so fun getting new stuff, you got some great things! I'm curious to see that eyebrow shaper & how it works..I've never seen that before.

  16. @tracy: I'll make a post regarding eyebrow shaping soon :) thanks for the idea.

  17. aw i relly want to try some etude products. ive been seeing it everywhere lately!

  18. Great haul! I still haven't had the opportunity to try Etude products yet, but I'm definitely planning to in the near future. I love their super cute, girly packaging ^^

  19. @donna: its the most girly boutique i saw ever. :)

    @rinny: add they give freebies too. :D

  20. nice haul sis :P

    you might also want to try their lippies. they're great also :P and also the fresh cherry tint :P

  21. all the stuff is so adorable thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog :) im your follower now :)

  22. Hey Babe!

    You have got a lovely blog!!! <3
    I followed ya... check out my blog too!


  23. @ems: thank you for suggesting. I'll check their lip products the next time I visit their shop :)

    @peach crush: thank you so much doll! :D

    @natalie: would check yours too. thanks! :)

  24. membership card is free if your purchased more than P500 in one receipt. :)

  25. wow!!!!!! great haul! kat! :)) will definitely check Fling skinny jeans! how much is the Etude House Membership card? is there any fee ..

  26. I love your purchases. Most especially the Etude Products. I use Cetaphil too! :) May I know the use of the Hand Bouquet from Etude?

    ps. followed your girly blog :)


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