Tuesday, February 1, 2011

REVIEW: Ellana Minerals Eye Primer

  • A cream to powder primer for the eye area to make eyeshadows more intense, provides a solid, less shimmery finish, and prevents creases on eyelids.
  • Paraben-free
  • 10g
  • PRICE: P150.00 approx $3.4

What I LOVE:
  • Helps even out eyeshadows in application
What I HATE:
  • Super dry
  • When I opened it, it's not very creamy or it turns out like a wet pressed powder. Made me hate it. :|
  • Very hard to apply/blend to eyelids.
  • Doesn't do anything to intensify the shadows
  • 2 out of 5
Will I repurchase?
  • No. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I do love most of Ellana products but this one... I hate it. :| I think they need to improve the texture of the product. 

Hugs and kisses, Kat :>


  1. aw, that's sad...have you tried other eye primers?

  2. Aww.. Too bad! It looked like a good product too. But where can I get Ellana products? :)

  3. thanks for the review!

    i didnt know that ellana have eye primers now. ill stay away from it! i use etude house eye primer :)

  4. this is very helpful post i was contemplating on getting one for myself..yay it did not even brighten up the color

  5. Thanks for this review! It's really helpful. :)

  6. wow it seems super expensive. Sorry it didn't work

  7. @debi: I tried ELF's eye primer and it works well with my shadows unlike Ellana's :(

    @Michelle: you can buy them at www.ellanaminerals.com :)

    @reina: Wow thank's for letting me know that Etude house have primers! I'll love to try it as well :D

    @donnarence: I thought it would work as well as their other products which I really love, but it FAILED on me. :(

    @sugar sugar: You're welcome dear! :3

    @London-s-beauty: Not much, I bought it for like $3.4. But If I really knew that this doesn't work as I expected, I wouldn't buy it. :|

  8. awww... so sorry it didn't work out for you :(

  9. Thanks! This was helpful, did you find a good primer that's local made? I looking for a good primer.. Mine is drying already.

  10. Gosh I was suppose to buy this...thank you for your thoughts on these-now I need to think twice...I havent found much reviews on this...I love their other products though :P

  11. Waii it looked nice, but it's such a pity it didn't work. Maybe the next time you try out another primer it'll work *A*

  12. would you know of an eye primer that's both affordable yet effective? :) thanks :D

  13. I was planning to buy that one pa naman btw nice review

  14. Ohhh thanks for this review. I was just thinking of what to buy for my next Ellana haul and this was in the list. Now it's not. Haha

    Following your blog now, btw.

  15. @chicgurl: I just tried ellanas and elfs. I do read reviews first before buying something most of the time. :)

    @louise: Agree, their concealers and mineral powders works well! :)

    @kotori: I found my favorite primer now, ELFs! :)

    @hazel: Elfs sis! :) Heard it works like UDPP. :D

    @aya: haha. sorry for Ellena. LOL

  16. didnt know ellana has this eye primer. thanks for the post.new follower hr

  17. Thanks for this review! It's really helpful. :)

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