Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yummycharm: Frappe Earrings and Phone charms :)

I just wanna share the most wanted item that I'm selling on-line. :)
I really like this personally. I love making those cute white and red swirls/twirls? (Haha. I don't even know how to call it.) I got busy these past few weeks and didn't have enough time to do blogging :( And it's all because of these cuties! :3 Need time making orders for my dear clients (they don't like delays).
One of my Yummycharm's best sellers are the frappe studs and phone charms. Studs are P80.00 [$1.8] per pair and phone charms are for P50.00 [$1.13] each. I also sell frappe necklaces for P150.00 [$3.4] each, key chains for P50.00 [$1.13] each and rings for P130.00 [$2.9] each :)
Handmade accessories from polymer clays, some metal findings, glaze, cut logo sticker and some love :3 Baked for 15 minutes like a real food. @_@
Comes in different colors:
red, pink, blue, green, brown, yellow, purple...
(pretty much any color that you can think. hehe)
I combine my clays to get my desired color when molding :)

Visit my shop at:
[You'll get 10% off if you purchased more than 10pcs assorted.]

Any suggestions for a cute design for accessories? :)
Hugs and kisses, Kat :>


  1. Hi Kat! :) Your charms are really awesome and you're so gawwdd-damn-talented as in! Keep it up Kat! See you soon! mwa!

  2. Kat, very good job! Your charms are really great!! Hope to see you soon! :)

  3. How cute I love the pink phone charm.x

  4. wow! so cute! do you make something out of request?

  5. @Unogratia: thanks gaze! :D I'm still trying to figure out how to start my own shop/boutique. :) Thanks for the support! *hugs*

    @milsybee: I agree, they're the best! :)

    @Reina: yup, most of my clients do request for their own designs. you can check my official shop site for samples :)

  6. wooowzaa! You're so talented!!! they're adorableee! <3

  7. napapa-starbucks naman ako dito sa post mo! uber-cute!!

  8. Kat, very good job! Your charms are really great!! Hope to see you soon! :)


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