Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TIPS: Mobile Phone Pouch and Screen Protector

Since I got my new phone I've been hunting for jelly cases and screen protectors that would fit in my HTC Desire HD. I searched the entire stalls and shops at SM Megamall Cyberzone and didn't find any. :( I don't wanna put my new phone in my bag unprotected, we all know what can possibly happen especially to touch phones with big screens. LOL

But good thing I found this cute pouch that fits with my phone perfectly! :) Plus, I don't have to struggle getting my tangled earbuds from my bag again coz of its zipped pocket. :)
TIP: I managed to have a screen protector for my phone. How? I asked a shop if it's possible to just cut the plastic protector to fit it on my phone's screen, and glad it works. :) I got it for P250.00 [$5.8] with labor already. [SM Megamall Cyberzone 5th Avenue]
You can buy screen protectors at any CDR-KING branches and you can use it for your phones, itouch, ipod/ipads and even laptops :) You can even cut it to your desired sizes. They're super cheap compared to what I got.
I have no idea that they have such screen protectors before I got mine. UURRGGG...! :| You can check it here http://www.cdrking.com/?mod=products&type=category&catid=65&main=65 :)

  • Size:5 x 3.5inches
  • Brand: HALO
  • Color: Brown (outer) Red (inner) and White (pattern)
  • Comes with 2 pockets
    • 1st for phone
    • 2nd (with zipper) I use it for my earbuds.
  • Price: P249.75 [$5.8]
  • I'm not sure if they're selling different colors with this design.

I wonder, how do you show your love to your mobile phone? :)
Hugs and kisses, Kat :>


  1. But considering that you only paid Php250 with labor, it's already well worth it.

    I bought a screen protector for my laptop and I tried putting it on myself and there were too many air bubbles that I couldn't get rid of. I ended up wasting the whole thing. :(

    I say you got a good deal. No risks involved.

  2. @Michelle: Yep, it's ok for those of us who can't do it right. But if they wanna save more and can manage to do it right then they could go for the cheap ones :)

    Actually the protector that I got has the same quality that CDR-KING offers. But I'm very satisfied with it. :)

  3. It's cute! The price is very affordable.

  4. Haha, I remember when I got my first touch screen phone! I was worried about the worst possible things that could happen to it! ALWAYS afraid it would drop and get scratched. It seemed like the more I took care of it, the more I kept hitting it against walls and having itty bitty scratches on it from who knows where! LUCKILY, I found a PERFECT case for my phone at a store and hadn't had that problem since! ^.^

    Try looking online for your new touch screen phone! I'm sure they have it! ^.^

  5. Hi! Thanks for following my blog and commenting. I followed you back. ;)

    I never take care of my phone. I don't even know where it is half of the time because its always on mute mode hahaha! x) and, i keep dropping it and whatnot...

  6. @gingerSnap: Yup, I'm in love with it. Can't bring my phone without it. :)

    @hellomissa: Haha. If your phone can talk, it'll surely shout and say OUCH everytime it hits something. Lol.
    thanks for the tip. I'll definitely check it online. :)

    @sugar sugar: I'm a phone whore, I can't go anywhere without it. My mom dropped my previous phone and it was muted for its whole life. Hahaha so I really need to bring it to Nokia care and just because I can't wait, I was tempted to buy a new phone. Hahaha.

  7. Thanks so much for subscribing Katrina! I'm following your blog now too :) I hate how easy it is to scratch up touch screen gadgets too, I put a screen protector and a case/pouch on all my new Ipods and phones :P

  8. @Rinny: haha. It's a must right?! :)

  9. Yay now your touchscreen phone is protected already! :) I think the screen protector is a good deal already.. with labor i mean.

  10. I'm on a tight budget. hahaha :))
    I need to save a lot...for makeup. haha, just kidding :)

  11. if you're still in the lookout for a desire hd case, my husband is selling one [leather]. he bought it online.

  12. Yay now your touchscreen phone is protected already! :) I think the screen protector is a good deal already.. with labor i mean.


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