Friday, January 14, 2011

ELF, Revlon, Everbilena and Cetaphil Haul

It's me and my piggymine's 2nd anniversary yesterday (I use to call him piggy all the time! LOL) and yes, we went shopping! But honestly we just wanna watch a 3D movie again. Gulliver's Travels is a hilarious!

Anyway, here's what I got yesterday (with first impressions):
ELF Lucious Liquid lipstick P129.75 ($2.8)

  • Ok now, I'm totally obsessed with it. I'll buy more soon! :D
  • Great pigmentation and very smooth in application.
  • Little product. I want more! :D
ELF Super glossy lip shine SPF15 in Candlelight P129.75 ($2.8)
  • I hate it. :/ (but I love my Pink kiss gloss)
  • I compared it with my glossy lip shine in Pink kiss and it doesn't have the same amount of product. It's lesser and irritate(burns) my lips. I don't know why.

ELF Essentials Eye Shadow Palette Limited Edition in Party P249.75 ($5.55)

  • Again, I'm impressed with the pigmentation! (except the mint shade)
  • Glittery and great for dark/night makeup!
Everbilena Blush in Rose P110.00 ($2.4)
  • Small amount of product goes a long way!
  • I love the packaging.
Revlon Beyond Natural 2-way Foundation with SPF12 in 07 Medium Beige P875.00 ($19.4)
  • Honestly, I can't say anything about it unless  use it for like 10 days. As you all know, I have extremely oily skin so until now I'm searching for the best foundation that I can use for my makeup. :(
Cetaphil Oily skin cleanser 125ml P548.00 ($12.17)
  • This would be my 3rd bottle. and I love this product ever since! :D
Watsons Moisturizing lipbalm in Sweet strawberry and wild cherry P49.75.00 ($1.08) each
  • I just got this to get the free brush set. LOL. I can't resist blue products! ;p
Make up bag from Cetaphil FREE
  • Comes free with my cetaphil oily skin cleanser. 
Hair Brush set from Watsons FREE
  • Comes free with a minimum purchase of P1,200.00 and any purchase participating products on SM Beauty (I got 2 moisturizing lip balms).

Hugs and kisses, Kat :>


  1. I've never tried EverBilena Blushers... will definitely check that out. I agree with the Elf Lucious Liquid lipstick - I bought one in Pink Lemonade... loved it!

    But I would suggest you try NYX lipstick and and lipglosses... Their the most pigmented lipgloss I've ever tried!

  2. Their blushers are great! Even some of their foundations. :)
    I do have NYX lipsticks but I just don't like the scent. I usually use it if I have something to top it off. :)

    I've never tried NYX lipglosses. I'll definitely buy some soon :D

  3. Is the Ever Bilena blush chalky?
    Love the haul.
    BIG fan of e.l.f.
    Have you tried the e.l.f. lip stains?

  4. Hi Michelle,
    As of now, I only have 3 shades of their blushers, rose, tangerine and honest. Mine's not chalky at all. Works and blends well especially when used with a blush brush :D

    Haven't tried e.l.f. lip stains :( I'll definitely add it on my wishlist later!:D

  5. wow lots of freebies! :) if you have oily skin mineral foundations would be best for us haha:) i use BE and Maybeline but if you're on a budget then go for Maybeline Clear Smooth Minerals :) it works fine here...

    This is just my opinion and suggestion :)

  6. haha! Eeewwyy-ooiilllyy-sskkiinn! ;p
    I've collected so many types/kinds of foundations already! I don't even have the chance to hit pan one of them! (coz I get oily for like 2hrs aftr applying it, and promise to myself that I won't be using it again. LOL)

    I have Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals and I think it's great for everyday/natural look. (I actually hit panned mine which is close to impossible):))

    Any suggestion for heavy/full coverage foundation for oily skin? :D

  7. Nice haul! I love the ELF eyeshadow palette.:) Followed u back. :)

  8. Same here yen! :) Got my neutral palette and got so in love with it!

  9. I like the look of the Everbilena Blush!
    I'll have to try it!

  10. I like the look of the Everbilena Blush!
    I'll have to try it!

  11. ugh..I didn't like their lipgloss..sorry =( check out my recent ELF haul here:

  12. I've read a blog and will recommend you the same. tho it's not available in the country.. You might wanna ask a relative from abroad to bring this home for you :)

    1. thank you for the suggestion ima~! will check that out online XD


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