Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My First HTC mobile phone. [Big help Sir! :)]

After a long hunt of the best smart phones available in the market. (3 days of purely internet research. HAHA. I need to be sure before spending too much especially if it's my money.:p) I was told to get HTC Desire by my friends. Of course, I searched again for reviews especially vs the phones I really knew before I heard of HTC. (That would be the iPhone4, Blackberry Bold, and Samsung Galaxy S.

After reading some reviews with the iPhone 4, I personally think that I don't really need to have it because I do have my iTouch already. And the only thing I do now with it is browse through the net. Honestly, after a month or two, I'm kinda fed up with the games. But it was fun though and I will still keep it.

I can't use Blackberry's wi-fi features here in the Philippines if I'm not subscribed with Globe or Smart's internet plans. Unless I crack it that would definitely ruin the warranty. (That's what I know.)
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Why not Samsung Galaxy S? I really can't say something nice or bad about it, but I'm not just a fan of Samsung particularly when it comes to mobile phones. Had it ones and I wanted to try something new now.

Back to the main topic, I'm sort of mixed up with HTC Desire and HTC Desire HD. Is HTC Desire HD worth buying? Do I really need it's HD features? Honestly, I can't choose between the two.

So, I asked some advice from my former Computer Professor regarding Desire/HD. I wanted to have one this month but I'm pretty confused to what I'll get and what I need.

Being so kind and generous with his IT knowledge, he shares what he have in mind: (via Facebook message)
"I'm a big fan of Sony Ericsson. But my personal choice would be Xperia X10 (or even the mini version but most especially the Xperia Arc) :D

My wife is using the HD version.

To confuse you a bit less - the main difference is obviously the HD part. To compensate, it needs more "power" and having a 1GHz 8255 Snapdragon processor and 768 MB RAM are 2 of them. It also has a huge 4.x" screen so you can watch those HD creations. The 8MP camera is pretty good with face recognition, etc. And you can, of course, create HD videos in 720p. You can even hook it up to your TV.

The HTC Desire is a bit less than that.

I recommended the Desire/HD because I've seen it in action plus I'm a #droidlover :D And you know us in IT, we're not 'regular' users. We exploit them :D

Again, the main difference is the HD part. If you don't need that then I suggest you go for the Desire. Save some bucks and maybe spend it on accessories (like protection).

With these smartphones, remember 2 things (there's a lot but just 2 for now):

1. They tend to suck up your battery life. So, turn off everything feature that 'vibrates' and, especially, 3G. Unless needed of course.

2. They have 'background updates'. If you have, for example, enabled Facebook and Twitter (using the apps or the software that came with the phone, etc), they tend pull updates from your profile. So, if you're phone is configured for mobile internet (not the free WiFi stuff), prepare to pay for it. Literally. Unless of course your phone plan comes with mobile Internet.

I hope I'm able to help rather than confuse you more. Here's a comparison link (you'll notice the only difference is, in fact, HD):


Anyhow, thank you to his kind response that actually made me get HTC Desire HD earlier. I'm totally impressed with my android phone. I think I'll just toss my iTouch and Nokia e72 back to their boxes now. LOL. Business and fun phone in one! :)

Hugs and kisses, Kat :>


  1. hehe how much ba yung HTC phone na nbili mo? i want to buy din kc something from HTC but idk what to choose. gusto ko rin maiba. ok lng ba battery life nya? my parents both have something from samsung and parang pang 1 day lng ang bat =) thanks.

  2. I like HTC because it's an eye-candy phone. Pero have you heard about LG Nexus 4? It's a good phone with such a low price compared to other expensive good android phones.


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