Monday, December 13, 2010

E.L.F Tools (recent addition to my ELF collection)

I'm searching for the best blending brush that I can find here in the Philippines. Then I saw a post about elf's blending brush. But sorry, but I forgot the name of the blog. *Psshh* She raved on how she really like it and how she uses it every single day! So I kinda felt excited for it and went to Robinson's Galleria to check it out the next day. Unfortunately, not all elf stalls have their blending brush. They usually have the eyeshadow and foundation brush only. So after a week I went to SM Megamall and again I failed to find one. *LOL*

I decided to buy it online. Checked it on Ebay and poofffff! Clicked the "Buy it now" button in a flash! I also purchased their Eyebrow Stencil Kit that is also only available in the US.

Here are some of the pictures:


I forgot to take photos of the eyebrow kit :(

Any suggestions for an alternative blending brush? J


  1. I have that blending brush, not the best but I usually work with what I have. I like using it to contour my nose and it does a good job :)

  2. @Chicgurl: haven't tried the templates... I'm still working with my blending brush (even if it's hard :|). I don't wanna waste money. haha!

  3. I have the blending brush but I modified it to my liking! :)) I also have brow stencils it's fun when you've blocked out your brows and use them as a guide! 

  4. I never tried my stencils yet. haha :)) My cousin used to shape my eyebrows.

  5. Hello Kate!

    This is an affordable eye blending brush, where did you purchase it? By the way, please don’t forget to share some photos of your eyebrow kit.

    ~Pauline @


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