To make your outfit planning a little easier, I made this little list of shoes styles every woman should have in her closet. I can assure you these shoe trends are here to stay.


How I ogranize my necklaces and where to got them

Most of you might notice my love for necklaces through my selfies on instagram. I rarely wear bracelets and rings. I usually use my favourite pair of earrings and strap on my white watch which goes with almost anything. (´▽`ʃƪ)

But lately, I noticed my necklace collection is growing really fast to the point that I needed to find a good place to hang all of them. So I thought of making this post and share to you how to keep them and at the same time, where I got them.


5 Fashion tips every girl should know

I just want to make this quick post and share to you some fashion tips I've gathered from the internet. I recently made a post about 5 Beauty tips every girl should know and I think this is the perfect time to make one for fashion. *wink*

If you're in a party and accidentally splashed red wine on your custom made dresses or any kind of dress, you can easily remove it with white wine.


5 Beauty tips every girl should know before special occasions

Believe me, I know how hard it is to prepare for an occasion. You need to have enough time for preparation and put some effort on it. So I thought of making this post about 5 easy beauty tips to help get you ready for any occasions and have a great night!


Tips for amazing skin before prom

Wondering how to get your skin look glowing before your prom? It's actually easier than you think. You don't need to buy expensive skincare products or under go treatments. All you need are these 5 tips to make you look extra pretty for prom.

I'm guilty of not drinking enough water everyday. I always have to remind myself through my planner to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I know some of you are really into drinking a lot of water, but I'm not used to it as I tend to go to the bathroom and pee everytime I feel like I need to. Sorry for mentioning that, but it's true. *laughs* I'm actually doing my best to hydrate my skin everyday and this will really be a huge impact in making my skin look more glowing and radiant. So you should do it too. *wink*